New Winnebago Revel Updates

The Winnebago Revel has been revamped for even better off-road performance and longer, more comfortable off-grid stays. This adventure-ready van features innovative power solutions, a modern interior, ample gear storage and rugged upgrades throughout. We will compare the previous model Revel with the new model Revel below.

Winnebago Revel vs. Winnebago Revel


The new Revel sits upon the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter AWD chassis, while the previous model was built upon the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4 chassis.

The new Revel has a 2.0 4-cylinder twin turbo diesel engine providing 332 lbs ft of torque, while the previous version had a 3.0 V6 turbo-diesel engine and provided 325 lbs ft of torque. The new Revel has a 9-speed automatic transmission with overdrive while the previous model had 7-speed automatic transmission.


The new Winnebago Revel has the new Winnebago Power Max System that includes a Lithionics 51.2V lithium-ion battery which provides 8,448 watt-hours. The previous model did not have the Winnebago Power Max system but had a 12V Lithionics lithium-ion battery and provided 3,840 watt-hours. An additional battery can be added to the new Revel by Lichtsinn RV providing a total of 16,896 watt-hours.

The new Revel includes a combination of 1,500-watts of chassis alternator power coupled with an additional 7,000-watts from the second installed alternator, managed by a digital voltage regulator. The Revels dual alternator features high-speed charging and provides enough power to run the Revels air conditioner and/or charge the batteries at idle.  The 48V high-output alternator charges 6x faster and will recharge a single Lithionics battery in under an hour and will fully charge both batteries in just 2 hours of driving time.


The Winnebago x EcoFlow Power Hub Pro found in the new Revel is an exclusive 5-in-1 power management controller that replaces (5) systems with (1) delivering unprecedented off-grid power. This Hub streamlines power management and optimizes energy performance, simplifying operation while saving space and reducing weight and has an easy-to-use Touchscreen Interface.

This all-in-one module starts with a 3,600-watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter. The previous Revel model did not include the EcoFlow Power Hub but had a 2,000-watt Inverter. The inverter provides whole coach electrical service including power to the air conditioner, if added, and the induction cooktop.

In the EcoFlow Power Hub you will also find (2) solar controllers. The new Revel includes a 105-watt and a 120-watt solar panel for a total of 225-watts. While the total amount of solar included standard is identical between the previous and new models the new Revel is expandable to up to 1,600-watts of solar while the previous model was only expandable up to 450-watts.

The 120V Converter/Charger distributes AC/DC loads to your Revel and charges the battery when connected to shore power. The AC/DC Converter/Charger reduces 120 Volts AC down to 12 Volts DC.  In the EcoFlow Power Hub you’ll also find a DC to DC Converter which supplies power to all 12V load appliances and accessories.


The new Winnebago Revel has different Interior decor options including the Overlander package with upgraded dinette upholstery, floor mats in the cab and center of the coach, insulated window covers and upgraded cabinet material.

The new Winnebago Revel includes USB type A and type C outlets are located throughout the coach in optimized locations for your ease of use.

The cabinet latches on the new Winnebago Revel are compression styled and include an unlock indicator to help you identify any open cabinets before taking off down the road. The previous model Revel had slam latches on the cabinets.

The new Winnebago Revel includes the Timberline hydronic heating system with multiple zones for the living and bedroom area and the water tank.  This system includes a new interface panel for easier operation. An independent loop sensor prevents the Revels freshwater tanks from freezing. The previous Revel had Binar hydronic heating and was not multi-zoned.


The new Winnebago Revel includes a larger galley countertop with a pullout drawer countertop extension that can store the induction cooktop. The revamped Revel provides 7 sq. ft. of counter space. The previous model of Revel had a removable counter extension that could be stored under the dining bench seat.

The drawers in the new Revel are soft-close with a style adjustment feature. The drawers on the previous model of Revel were full-extension drawers and were not the same as the current model.

The new Revel has a galley faucet with a pull-out sprayer, while the previous model Revel had a fixed faucet.

The new Winnebago Revel features automotive style multi-functional Lounge Seating. The front forward facing lounge seats are made with multi-density foam and include integrated 3-point safety belts. The center aisle seat can slide sideways towards the aisle for more comfortable lounge seating. These lounge seats can also move forward and recline. The previous Winnebago Revel model had a bench seat.

The new Revel has a Lagun Style table that doesn’t impede the leg area when you are sitting while the previous model Revel had a removable pedestal table and it also had kitchen pantry storage.


The new Revel includes an updated bathroom door with a flip-out panel that includes a mirror and provides cross coach privacy. The previous model of Revel had a bi-fold bathroom door.

The previous model Revel included (2) removable storage shelves, while the new Revel includes (1) removable shelf and (2) collapsible storage containers that can be used throughout the coach.


The new Revel includes a removable bedroom divider panel between the bedroom and the front of the coach for cross coach privacy. The previous Revel model did not have a divider.

The new Winnebago Revel includes a WinnSleep reversible plush mattress that is 1” thicker than the previous Revel mattress. One full side of the mattress is plush and the mattress can be flipped over to the other side for a firmer feel. The previous Revel model does not have this mattress. 

The new Revel has storage netting for bedroom nightstand storage.


The new Revel has a 35 gallon freshwater capacity located inside the coach behind passenger panels vs. the previous Revel model which had a 21 gallon capacity.

The Water Center in the Winnebago Revel has been redesigned for simpler usage while the previous model had the Nautilus Water Control Panel.


The new Revel includes even more four-season capabilities with the new multi-layered 3M Thinsulate perfect fit insulation with antimicrobial properties. The new insulation includes a reflective foil vapor barrier to prevent thermal bridging. This insulation is 16% more insulative than the prior Revel’s model insulation.

The new Revel includes a redesigned fold-down outdoor table with Smooth Action to allow you to easily adjust the table for unlevel terrain. The previous model of Revel had a cable-driven system to adjust to unlevel terrain.

The new Revel has tubular running boards with tough textured paint to improve long term wear and prevent slippage. The previous Revel had flat running boards.  The entry steps on the new Winnebago Revel are larger than the previous model and includes undercarriage LED lighting.

The new Revel has a larger restyled Summit roof rack with a front LED light bar that includes dual off-road 10” light bars with a combined 22,000 lumens of light. If you wanted a light bar in the previous Winnebago Revel you could have one installed after-market.

The permanent mount tubular rear ladder in the new Revel is wider than the previous ladder and includes a custom graphic sidebar. The previous model Revel had a ladder that could be moved to multiple points around the coach.

While the option for the T/A K02 tires in the new and prior models of the Revel are identical, the wheels in the new Revel are custom “flow forged” OE Wheel Works wheels that are lighter in weight than the previous Method wheels. The OE Wheel Works wheels boast a greater offset allowing you to easily upgrade to a wider after-market tire if you wish.

The awning is an option in the new Revel while awning wire prep is standard. Previously, the awning was standard, which added unnecessary weight for those who did not want to use it. 


The Revel’s redesigned Gear Garage is more customizable to your needs than prior models due to its innovative L-Track Tie Down System. This System includes (6) L-Tracks with hooks in the garage floor to secure your gear. The previous model Winnebago Revel included (6) removable tie-down anchors in the Gear Garage area.

Upon first glance, the previous and new model may look very similar. However, as you begin to look further, you’ll find many differences between the two models. Contact a Lichtsinn RV Sales Consultant to learn more about the adventure-ready Winnebago Revel.  

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