Top Ten Questions about Financing your RV Purchase at Lichtsinn RV

At Lichtsinn RV we have the knowledge and experience to help guide you through your purchase of a new or pre-owned RV.  In the United States, 70 to 80 percent of the 11 million households that currently own an RV have a loan.  We’ve prepared a list of the top ten questions about “financing your RV” that we get here at Lichtsinn RV.



How does the process work? 

Most guests call us to complete a credit application over the phone.  It takes about five to ten minutes to complete verbally.   Alternatively, you can complete our online credit application on our secure website or you can also visit us in person.  Usually credit decisions take a day or less.   We work with trusted industry lenders that offer RV specific terms and rate advantages.

How do RV loans work?

Unlike traditional automobile loans and mortgages, RV rates are typically lower for longer term loans.   Most guests opt for a fixed rate twenty-year loan. This provides a lower monthly payment while still providing the flexibility to pay the loan off at any time with no penalty.  We will do whatever we can to help you get the monthly payment and loan term that best suits your budget.

Why should I finance my RV at Lichtsinn RV? 

We work with many national lenders who are competing against each other to provide our guests the most competitive rates. We also handle the whole process for our guests saving time and money! Our lenders are also using only your RV as collateral while some banks and credit unions will ask for other items such as CD’s, investment and even your home. Our goal is to make this process as seamless and easy for our guests as possible while working to help obtain competitive rates!

Are there fees or closing costs?

All of our loans carry no fees at closing, no closing costs and no points.

What are my payment options?

We offer both monthly and bi-weekly payment options.  The bi-weekly payment option can help shorten your term and save you thousands of dollars.

Are there pre-payment penalties?

There are no prepayment penalties and so you can pay extra each month or pay the whole RV off in a lump sum in the future if you choose.

Which lenders do you use?

We work with several lenders across the country to bring you the most competitive and flexible financing options available.   We have partnerships with Bank of America, US Bank, Bank of the West, Huntington Bank and several other major lenders.   We allow them to compete to help get you the lowest rate.

How much money do I need to put down?

Most of our lenders are currently requiring 10% down for RV financing.  There are 0% down options for some well-qualified customers.  Keep in mind that the more you put down the lower your payments will be and you’ll end up paying less in interest over the term of your loan.

Do I need to put my home up for collateral?

The only collateral you’re using to secure a loan at Lichtsinn RV is the RV itself.    You will not need to put up your home for collateral.

Can I deduct the interest on my RV loan?

Yes, in many cases.  According to the RV industry association, under the U.S. tax code, RV buyers can deduct the interest on certain loans used to purchase RVs as a mortgage on a second home. RVs qualify for a second home mortgage interest deduction because they are a popular weekend and vacation ‘home’ for middle-class Americans.

If you have any questions call (1-800-343-6255) or email the Lichtsinn RV Business Office today to find out more about financing your RV purchase.


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