Top Questions on the Winnebago Adventurer

The Winnebago Adventurer is a luxurious Class A gas motorhome that includes features for the whole family including many convenient amenities.  The Adventurer is built on the Ford F-53 chassis so you can plan your trip with peace of mind with the power and stability of the Winnebago Adventurer.

Winnebago Adventurer Class A Motorhome

Below we have the most common questions asked regarding the Winnebago Adventurer.


What is the difference between the Winnebago Adventurer and a Winnebago Vista?

Answer: While the Winnebago Adventurer and Winnebago Vista are both Class A gas motorhomes built on the Ford F53 Chassis, there are many differences across these models. We have highlighted these differences below:


Vista: The Vista includes a 7.3L PFI V8 engine, TorqShift™ 6-speed automatic transmission w/tow/haul, 210-amp. alternator. The Vista also includes hydraulic brakes w/ABS

Adventurer: The Adventurer includes a 7.3L V8 engine, TorqShift™ 6-speed automatic transmission w/tow/haul, Hydro-Boost System power brakes, 4-wheel ABS, 210-amp. alternator in the 27N | 29B | 30T and a 7.3L V8 engine, TorqShift™ 6-speed automatic transmission w/tow/haul, Hydro-Max System power brakes, 4-wheel ABS, 210-amp. alternator in the 35F | 36Z. The Adventurer includes automatic hydraulic leveling-jacks w/3-position controls.


Vista: The Vista does not include the items listed below for the Adventurer and while it does have an exterior entertainment center it does not include a DVD player.

Adventurer: The Adventurer includes the KeyOne lock system. The exterior entertainment center on the Adventurer includes a DVD player (n/a 30T).


Vista: The galley in the Vista includes Thermoform Countertops, a Microwave Oven with Microwave/Convection Option and a 3-Burner Recessed Gas Range Top.

Adventurer: The galley in the Adventurer includes Dual Pane Windows, Solid Surface Countertops, a Microwave/Convection Oven Standard, Gas/Induction Range Top Combo (n/a 30T), custom pantry baskets (n/a 36Z) and a Cold Water Purification System.


Vista: Bedroom TVs are an option in the Vista. You can choose to have a 32” HDTV added to your 27P or 33K. All other Vista floorplans include a 24” HDTV if you choose this option.

Adventurer: Bedroom TVs are standard in the Adventurer. The 27N | 29B | 30T floorplans include a 24” HDTV and the 35F | 36Z floorplans include a 32” HDTV. While both the Adventurer and Vista floorplans include a wardrobe, Adventurer floorplans include an additional storage cabinet (n/a 27N).


Vista: Each Vista floorplan comes with a single 15,000 BTUs Air Conditioner as standard equipment with the exception of the 33K | 35U floorplans which includes (2) 13,500 BTUs Air Conditioners. You can add the optional Cooling upgrade package which then provides (2) 13,500 BTUs Air Conditioners to each of the floorplans where this is not already standard.

The 27P | 29V | 31B floorplans include a 30,000 BTUs low-profile furnace, the 32M | 33K have a 35,000 BTUs low-profile furnace and the 35U floorplan includes a 40,000 BTUs low-profile furnace.

Adventurer: Each Adventurer floorplan includes (2) Air Conditioners, a front 15,000 BTUs Air Conditioner and a rear 13,500 BTUs Air Conditioner.

The 27N | 29B | 30T floorplans include a 35,000 BTU ducted in-floor furnace and the 35F | 36Z floorplans include a 40,000 BTU ducted in-floor furnace.


Vista: The Winnebago Vista includes a 30-amp. power cord (35U includes a 50-amp. power cord.) The Vista includes a 4,000-watt Cummins Onan MicroQuiet Gas Generator on all floorplans with the exception of the 35U which includes a 5,500-watt Cummins Onan MicroQuiet Gas Generator. Each floorplan includes a 30-amp. converter/charger (35U includes a 50-amp. converter/charger) and a 1,000-watt inverter. The Vista also includes 2 deep-cycle Group 31 Marine/RV batteries.

You can choose the optional Cooling Upgrade Package which then provides a 50-amp. power cord and a 5,500-watt Cummins Onan MicroQuiet Gas Generator. (Standard on 35U floorplan.)

Adventurer: The Adventurer has a 50-amp. power cord. The Adventurer includes a 5,500-watt Cummins Onan Marquis Gold Gas Generator in each floorplan. It features the Powerline Energy Management System and an automatic generator start system. The Adventurer also has a generator/shoreline automatic changeover switch. The 27N | 29B | 30T floorplans each include a 1,000-watt inverter and the 35F | 36Z floorplans include a 2,000-watt inverter/charger. The 27N | 29B | 30T floorplans each include 2 deep-cycle Group 31 Marine/RV batteries while the 35F | 36Z include 4 deep-cycle Group 31 Marine/RV batteries.

There are other differences between the Winnebago Adventurer and the Winnebago Vista, we have covered just a handful of them.


What are the Winnebago Adventurer Specs?

How long is the Winnebago Adventurer?

Answer: The Winnebago Adventurer floorplans range from 28’5” to 36’11” in length.

How tall is the Winnebago Adventurer?

Answer: The exterior height on the Winnebago Adventurer ranges from 12’4” to 12’6” dependent on floorplan. The exterior height of each model is measured to the top of the tallest standard feature and is based on the curb weight of a typically equipped unit. The actual height of the RV may vary by several inches depending on chassis, A/C or equipment variations. The interior height measures 6’8” on each floorplan in the Winnebago Adventurer.

How wide is the Winnebago Adventurer?

Answer: The exterior width of the Winnebago Adventurer is 8’5.5” while the interior width is 8’.5”.

How much does a Winnebago Adventurer weigh?

Answer: The gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of the Winnebago Adventurer is the maximum amount the Adventurer can weigh as it rolls down the road. This number includes the curb weight of the RV, all occupants and cargo. The GVWR of the Winnebago Adventurer 27N | 29B | 30T floorplans is 18,000 lbs. The GVWR of the Winnebago Adventurer 35F | 36Z floorplans is 22,000 lbs.


What are the different Winnebago Adventurer Floorplans?

Answer: The Winnebago Adventurer is available in 5 floorplans ranging from 28’5” in length to 36’11” in length and sleep 4-6 people dependent on floorplan.

The Adventurer 27N is the shortest of the floorplans at 28’5” in length and features three slideouts. The driver side slideouts house the BenchMark Dinette and the rear slideout, the bedroom wardrobe while the passenger side slideout houses the kitchen and bedroom chest of drawers.

The Adventurer 29B floorplan measures 30’1” in length. This floorplan features one large full-length driver-side slideout that houses your choice of a sofa bed or theater seating, kitchen and bedroom storage. The all-in-one bath and BenchMark Dinette are located on the passenger side of this coach.

The Adventurer 30T measure 31’1” in length. This floorplan features two driver-side slideouts that house the dining table and chairs and in the rear, the queen sized bed. It boasts a large all-in-one bath and a your choice of TrueComfort+ Sofa or Theater Seating across from the dining table and chairs.

The Adventurer 35F measure 35’5” in length. This double slideout floorplan in includes a queen-sized bed in the passenger side slideout and the BenchMark Dinette and Extendable Sectional Sofa in the driver-side slideout. This floorplan boasts a bath-and-a-half.

And finally, the longest of the floorplans, the Adventurer 36Z measures 36’11” in length. This triple slideout floorplan includes a full-length slideout. In the passenger-side full-length slideout you’ll find the entertainment center with fireplace, the kitchen and bedroom wardrobe. In the driver-side front slideout you’ll find the BenchMark Dinette and your choice of TrueComfort+ Sofa or Theater Seating. The rear driver-side slideout houses your choice of a king or queen-sized bed. This floorplan boasts a bath-and-a-half.

The five convenient Winnebago Adventurer floorplans provide options to best fit your needs. You can choose to add the optional powered StudioLoft bed to any of the floorplans for additional sleeping space.


How much does a Winnebago Adventurer Cost?  

Answer: The base MSRP price of a Winnebago Adventurer built on the Ford F53 Chassis starts at $201,769 and varies by floorplan. Most items on the Adventurer are standard, however, there are options that you may choose that would increase the cost of the MSRP.

Options that will increase the MSRP of the Adventurer include the addition of a video camera system with side mounted color cameras, driver and passenger power seats, satellite TV antenna and radio with satellite, a powered StudioLoft Bed with ladder, theater seating (n/a 27N | 35F), a washer dryer combo (35F | 36Z only) a king sized bed (36Z only) and the solar panel battery charge system option. To protect our factory discounted pricing and honor our Winnebago Dealer Agreement, Lichtsinn RV does not publish our actual sale pricing online. Contact a Lichtsinn RV consultant to find out the price of the Adventurer with your desired options that you are interested in.


How to winterize a Winnebago Adventurer?

Answer: Steps to Winterize your Winnebago Adventurer

  • Level your Winnebago Adventurer
  • Drain Fresh Water Tank and Waterlines
  • Drain Exterior Shower/Wash Station
  • Discard the Cold Water Filter
  • Drain Water Heater
  • Follow Winterization Valve Process
  • Pour RV Antifreeze Down Each Drain
  • Drain Sewage and Waste Water Holding Tanks
  • Close Dump Valves
  • Ensure proper air circulation inside of your Adventurer
  • Ensure the air inside your Adventurer is dry
  • Ensure the tires are properly inflated and store it parked on dry surface if possible
  • Wash the Adventurer Exterior
  • Ensure the Fuel is fresh
  • Cover any exterior openings that would allow a critter to get inside

These are just some of the items that must be completed to winterize your Winnebago Adventurer. Click Here to see a video on how to Winterize your Winnebago Adventurer. Additional information can also be found in your Adventurer owner’s manual.

Whether you are looking for additional sleeping space, more storage solutions, or just more luxury, you are sure to be pleased with the Adventurer. The Adventurer is available in five floorplans so you are sure to find one that best suits your needs. The Winnebago Adventurer Class A Gas Motorhome puts you in the front seat of your open-road journey.

Call a Lichtsinn RV Sales Consultant today to find out more.

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Information current as of 1/22

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