Winnebago Solis Pocket 36A vs. Thor Rize 18A

Winnebago has been a leader in the RV industry for over 60 years. Winnebago motorhomes are built with superior craftsmanship and advanced manufacturing that enhances motorhome safety and reliability. From groundbreaking RVs to game-changing features, Winnebago innovation is unrivaled for continuous industry firsts.

Many manufacturers aim to replicate this quality, so we are often asked what the differences are between Winnebago motorhomes and other manufacturer’s coaches that have similar floorplans or are built on the same chassis. One such example of this includes the Class B Camper Vans, the Winnebago Solis Pocket and the Thor Rize.

Winnebago Solis Pocket 36A vs. Thor Rize 18A

The Thor Rize is available in 3 floorplans, the 18A is the one that most closely resembles the Pocket. Upon first glance, the Winnebago Solis Pocket 36A and the Thor Rize 18A appear very similar. Each are built on the RAM ProMaster Chassis and each achieve strong gas mileage with 18-22 MPG.  The Pocket measures 17’10” in length while the Rize measures a similar 17’11”. However, it doesn’t take long before the differences become apparent. The Pocket is known for its flexible interior coupled with ample storage and extended-season camping capability. The Rize, built on an identical base, does not come close to providing the flexibility or 4-season capabilities of the Pocket. Listed below are additional differences in these 2 models:


SOLIS POCKET 36A: The Pocket includes a large side sliding door and dual rear entry doors. Each of these doors are equipped with screen doors to let in the airflow but not the insects. Enjoy the outdoors while sitting at the exterior fold-down table found on the Pocket. The Pocket also features a rear annex which includes a rod and privacy screen.

THOR RIZE 18A: The Rize also includes a side sliding door and dual rear entry doors. The side entry door of the Rize includes a screen door and a bug screen is included in the rear. The Rize does not have an exterior table or a rear annex.


SOLIS POCKET 36A: The Winnebago Solis Pocket can sleep up to 3 people when the flexible dinette is lowered to the sleeping mode. Once you step inside the Pocket you will first notice the flexible dinette. In its standard position the dinette has two facing seats, a removable/adjustable table and (1) 3-point seatbelt. This flexible dinette can be adjusted into 5 modes including: Dinette Mode, Settee Loveseat Mode, Daybed Mode with Table, Sofa Mode with Table and Sleeping Mode. The Pocket also includes zippered window coverings which provide both privacy and a thermal barrier.

The floor of the Pocket is a flat floor heavy-duty vinyl flooring that goes throughout the van. The cabinets in the Pocket are a neutral weathered teak, which blend seamlessly and can stand up to wear.

In the rear of the Pocket you’ll find a 52”x75” Murphy+ Bed that can be raised during the daytime. Below the Murphy+ Bed you can easily access the large gear space with the L-Track Cargo Tie Down System. The Pocket features a multi-use counter space that can be used as a kitchen counter extension when the bed is raised and becomes part of the bed base when the Murphy+ Bed is lowered for sleeping. A MOLLE panel retention gate can be closed to separate the front from the back of the coach.

THOR RIZE 18A: Once you step inside the Rize you’ll first notice the bright white cabinets, not very practical for a vehicle meant to take on the outdoors. The Rize has a dinette area that is forward-facing to the coach. The dinette area table can be folded down, but the dinette area can only be used as a seating area. It does not have the versatility of the flexible dinette found in the Pocket. The window coverings in the Rize are a roller shade which does not provide the thermal barrier that is found in the Pocket’s zippered window coverings.

To get to the rear of the Rize, you actually have to take a step up. The Rize floor is not a flat floor and is covered with a residential vinyl flooring so it will not hold up to the rigors of the outdoors.

In the rear of the Rize you’ll find a 72”x39” pull out bed, which equates to a twin sized bed. Thor states the Rize can sleep up to 2 people, however, we see room just for 1. There is a smaller storage area beneath however, it does not include any sort of tie down system to secure your gear. The Rize also does not have any sort of retention gate nor the flexibility of the multi-use counterspace.


SOLIS POCKET 36A: The Pocket does not have a bathroom, but instead has a portable toilet that may be stored under the dinette. This provides flexibility if you just want to use the Pocket as a commuter vehicle. The absence of the bathroom allows for additional storage as well as space for a 20 gallon gray tank.

THOR RIZE 18A: The Rize does have a bathroom with Wet Bath which takes up valuable space in this compact RV. The Rize has only an 11 gallon gray tank.


SOLIS POCKET 36A: The Solis Pocket includes the Truma VarioHeat 90% energy efficient furnace, with silent operation and intelligent fan control. For cooling the Pocket has the Coleman-Mach 10 NDQ air conditioning system. To keep the cold/heat in and unpleasant weather at bay, the Pocket includes all-season insulation in its doors, walls, ceilings and into the cab ceiling area. The Fresh and Grey water tanks are stacked in the passenger side bed and galley cabinet above the floor. All tanks, valves, pump, lines and even the dump valve are located inside the van. The VarioHeat furnace blows warm air directly into the water space ensuring the water flows, even in the coldest conditions. These features together earned the Pocket the Truma Gold Star Certification for all-season camping.

THOR RIZE 18A: The Rize includes a Truma Combi Eco Hydronic Furnace. This system is larger taking up more space than the Truma VarioHeat System in the Pocket. For cooling the Rize has a roof air conditioner. The holding tanks include a heat pad, which can provide uneven and therefore ineffective heating. The Rize is not Truma Gold Star Certified for all-season camping as it does not have the level of insulation found in the Pocket.

As you can see, while the Winnebago Solis Pocket and the Thor Rize start off very similar there are many differences between the two. Contact a Lichtsinn RV consultant to find out more about the flexible Winnebago Solis 36A.

Winnebago Solis Pocket For Sale

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