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HWH Leveling Jacks


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Each year we help dozens of guests in coordinating Leveling Jack Installation at the HWH Factory in Moscow, Iowa, which allows you to self-level your RV in seconds. Due to a special agreement with HWH, we are able to offer a discounted installed price on Automatic Leveling Jacks for your RV.

Contact us at 641-585-3213 for more information.

HWH Leveling Jacks


HWH was founded in 1967 and for the first 17 years of business they designed & manufactured machines and hydraulics for agricultural customers like John Deere and Caterpillar. During those early years in the ag industry, HWH discovered a niche for supplying hydraulic leveling systems to the RV industry (because the RV industry was currently borrowing agricultural equipment to patch their needs). HWH has since led the RV industry in hydraulic and air leveling technology. They've introduced countless innovative hydraulic slide-out systems to the market and have brought many other innovative hydraulic/air solutions to the RV market ranging from hydraulic step systems to air suspension systems to saddle-rack systems. HWH is proud to play a part in enriching the RV experience for hundreds of thousands of RVers throughout the world.

HWH's driving force
HWH's driving force has always been the challenge of bringing innovative, dependable products to consumers. We strive to make the "RV Experience" a pleasant experience for all - from Manufacturers to Dealers to Consumers. HWH Customers know that the HWH name is backed by a commitment to quality and after-sales service, unmatched by no other in our field.

HWH's leadership
HWH has a highly qualified team of design engineers, production engineers, manufacturing specialists, scheduling specialists, sales professionals, and customer service technicians that have received years of training and guidance from company founders. At the heart and soul of HWH's company are HWH's dedicated manufacturing employees, with over 50% of them with the company for ten years or more. At HWH, they all take great pride in being the best at what they do and HWH's employees are selected not only for their technical aptitude but on their leadership skills and work ethic - providing for HWH's company's longevity.

HWH's values
When you do business with HWH you're doing business with a company that has upheld a reputation of integrity and product-quality for 45 years. Repeat customers are the backbone of their business, so maintaining their reputation is critical - and everyone at HWH takes this ideal seriously.

HWH's manufacturing resources
HWHs manufacturing facility consists of nearly eight acres under roof and nearly 80 CNC machines. Because they design, manufacture, and assemble 99% of their parts in-house they have a unique ability to maintain quality-control, create new products quickly, and respond rapidly to consumer needs. HWH's in-house engineering team of ten graduate engineers allows them to efficiently satisfy the demands of our fast-paced industry.

HWH's history
HWH was founded in Illinois in 1967 by the Hanser family. In 1979 operations moved to Moscow, Iowa and the business has evolved into our current (2012) family of 200+ loyal employees, some working for the business over 35 years.


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