Storage Methods for Your RV with Lithionics Battery System

Known for being all-season powerhouses in the Winnebago motorhome lineup, the Winnebago EKKO and Winnebago Revel are both equipped with lithium-ion batteries from the known industry leader of RV mobile power and battery systems, Lithionics Battery®. Both of these motorhomes are built with the Lithionics Battery 12V 320AH, UL-1973-certified Battery System with Bluetooth control and include a proprietary design called the NeverDie® Battery Management System which includes numerous protective safety measures as well as efficient battery status and state-of-charge monitoring.

These battery systems play a very important role in the long-term health and performance of your EKKO or Revel so it is important to know how to store and maintain them to ensure optimal performance. Continue reading to learn the best methods for both short and long term storage of your Winnebago Revel or Winnebago EKKO and the battery systems within.

The Lithionics battery system in the Winnebago EKKO and Winnebago Revel includes an internal heater. When you are subject to winter conditions, there are two methods you can follow for efficient battery protection.

If you want to utilize the Lithionics internal heater, keep the battery ON, the solar control ON, and your RV plugged into shore power. Be sure to turn off all appliances, lights and any other DC loads. These steps will keep the heater running and protect your battery.

If the use of shore power or an extension cord for charge is not available, refer to the chart and steps listed below. It is very important to take note of the length of the intended storage time versus the temperature conditions. Storage outside of the temperatures listed in the chart below reduces the battery life.

Chart: Storage Term vs. Temperature

Storage TermTemperature
< 1 Month-4 to 95°F (-20 to 35°C)
< 3 Months14 to 86°F (-10 to 30°C)
3 to 6 Months32°F (0°C) Above Freezing to <86°F (30°C)

Short Term Storage (Up to 3 Months):

Short term storage refers to a period of time up to, and not exceeding, three months.

  1. Fully charge the battery system. For warranty reference, you should also record and maintain the storage VOLTAGE reading.
  2. Using the On/Off/Storage switch, turn the battery system OFF.
  3. Keep the RV in a temperature environment following the specifications in the chart shown above.

Long Term Storage (Over 3 Months, 6 Months Maximum):

Long term storage refers to a period of time longer than three months, but not exceeding, six months.

  1. Reduce the battery SOC (State of Charge) to 3.3V per number of series cells which is 50% ±10% SOC. For the Winnebago EKKO and Winnebago Revel, this value equals 13.2V. See the chart below to confirm the value for your particular Lithionics battery system. For warranty validity, it is recommended to record the voltage reading at the 3-month date that you reduce the state of charge. However, if you are not able to access the battery system at the 3-month mark to perform a charge-discharge cycle, you may choose to keep the battery at full charge voltage for the entire 6-month time period. However, in doing so you may lose a small loss of capacity with all lithium ion batteries.
  2. Using the On/Off/Storage switch, turn the battery system OFF. Both the EKKO and Revel are equipped with an internal battery management system, however, if this is not the case for your RV, it is recommended to disconnect the BMS from the module.
  3. Confirm storage temperature, as the battery must be maintained ABOVE freezing temperatures.

Extended Storage (Over 6 Months):

If storing for longer than six months, follow the previous steps for “Long Term Storage” and then perform the next steps at each six month interval.

  1. At the six-month interval, charge the battery to 100% SOC.
  2. Discharge the battery to Reserve Voltage Cutoff (RVC) – a feature of the NeverDie® function which allows the battery to store a small energy reserve.
  3. Return the battery to 3.3V/cell (50% ±10% SOC), noted in the table below.

How to Determine ~50% SoC Voltage

Battery VoltageNumber of Series Cells~50% SoC Voltage

The cycle from full to reserve then to the storage VOLTAGE is important for long battery life. By following these steps, you can easily maintain the life of the Lithionics battery system in your Winnebago EKKO or Winnebago Revel.

Contact a Lichtsinn RV Sales Consultant today to learn more about the four-season and off-road benefits of the Winnebago EKKO and Revel, powered by the Lithionics Battery 12V 320AH Battery System.

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