Top Questions on Winnebago Class B RVs

We recently held a webcast covering the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about Winnebago’s Class B lineup – Winnebago Travato, Revel and Boldt. You can watch the webcast here.

Read our top questions from the webcast below –

  1. In terms of the Truma System, can I use it to heat my coach when I don’t have water in the coach? Yes, it can be used if the RV is winterized.
  2. Are all Winnebago B-Vans 4-Season RVs and what does that mean? As of today, all campervans from Winnebago are four-season. While that is a loose term, for us can you use this in cooler temps? Winnebago has added automotive-grade insulation to all of the campervans and has fully enclosed pressurized water lines. The Travato and the Boldt have heating pads on the holding tanks allowing guests to dump the tanks in sub-freezing temperatures, while the Revel has a cassette toilet.
  3. How do these vans come from the OEM – Mercedes-Benz and Ram – Is Winnebago improving the insulation or any other improvements? The chassis will come as a shell, with exposed sheet metal. Winnebago adds all the insulation and builds the interior components of the campervan. Winnebago is an accredited upfitter of Mercedes-Benz and Sprinter which allows them to add functional windows, unlike some competitors.
  4. Why is my lithium pack not charging? The shut down temperature in the Pure3 system is 37 degrees and if it hits there the lithium pack will not charge.
  5. What has the best ground clearance? The Winnebago Revel has 8” of ground clearance and the Winnebago Travato has 7” of ground clearance.
  6. What is 4WD offered in? The Winnebago Revel (standard 4WD) and it is optional on the Winnebago Boldt.
  7. What are the key differences between the Winnebago Boldt and the Winnebago Era? Why is the Boldt more expensive? The Boldt has the Pure3 lithium system while the Winnebago Era has the Cummins-Onan LP generator is the key factor that drives the cost.
  8. What is the best campervan if I want to bring several passengers? The Travato and Revel have seatbelts for four while the Boldt has seat belts for up to 6.
  9. What is located under the bench seat in the Travato 59G? In non-lithium Travato it houses the freshwater tank, in the lithium Travato it houses some of the Pure3 system components.
  10. What are our guest’s overall experiences with homeowner associations (HOA) on campervans from Winnebago? Overall, they are favorable. Winnebago uses automotive-grade paint with sleek exteriors that do not look like your typical RV. We have guests that pull the small exterior graphics – like the Winnebago logo to really make the van look stealth.
  11. Will the new Eras have similar insulation to the Winnebago Boldt? Yes, it will.
  12. What is the timeframe on the Winnebago Solis? We are expecting our first Solis at the end of January 2020.
  13. How easy is it to use the pop-top in the Winnebago Solis? It is very easy to use!
  14. Will the Era have the same chassis options as the Winnebago Boldt? Yes, it will have the same creature comforts and safety features as the Winnebago Boldt.
  15. Can you use Sumo Springs on the Boldt? Yes, there are options from SumoSprings on the Mercedes-Benz chassis. However, it is one of the most comfortable, best-riding vehicle Winnebago has made.
  16. Can you install a muffler for the generator? They are typically called a resonator. They improve the exterior noise of the generator.
  17. Can I sleep with the bed in the Winnebago Revel half way up? Yes, you can use it in any position.
  18. How does grade-braking work on the Boldt? It uses the power of the transmission to assist in your braking.
  19. Where do we see the Winnebago Solis entering our lineup? We think it is a new segment based on the features. It is built to be rugged and durable with the underscore being simple.
  20. What is the fuel economy between the chassis offerings? The ProMaster is about 16 – 18 mpg and the Sprinter is typically seeing 18 – 21 mpg.

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