Top 5 Suggestions on RVing with Pets

RVs are a great way to travel offering you the flexibility to go where you want when you want and to bring your pets along for the ride! With a little bit of extra planning, traveling with pets can enhance your RVing experience.

Traveling with pets can be made more enjoyable with these 5 Traveling with Pets suggestions.

Camping with pets

  1. Pet Gear and Essentials – You’ll want to bring a leash and/or harness, a pet stake for outside your coach, shampoo, brush/comb, waste pick up bags any flea/tick and heartworm medication (and any other medications) your pet might need while traveling and of course food and pet bowls ( for food and water.) You’ll also want to bring any special blankets, pillows or other items that will help them sleep. A sound machine might be helpful as well to keep outside sounds at bay during the night so you AND your pet/s can have a restful night sleep.
  1. Pet Safety – Always secure your pet when driving in the RV either in a seat belt harness or secured carrier. Driving needs your full attention with no pet distractions and this will keep your pet safe should you have an accident (just as your seatbelt protects you.) As you travel to new surroundings that your pet is not accustomed to they may get away from you. Ensure your pet has an updated ID Tag if they are not chipped (and even if they are for more speedy recognition). Bring along a photo of your pet in case they should get lost and even vaccination records may be needed in case your dog needs vet car along the way.
  1. Exercise – Ensure your campground is pet friendly and has open spaces for your pet/s to roam. Exercising your pet/s is important, get them outside to run and play. This is an adventure for them as well! This goes the same for while your traveling. Make plenty of bathroom breaks along the way which will also allow your pet/s to stretch their legs.
  1. Pet Safety While You Are Out – If you plan on leaving your pet for any period of time in the RV – you’ll want to be sure have your RV plugged in with a generator backup (in case there is a power outage at the campground) or have another power source to keep your pets cool enough/warm enough while you are out. Many RVers have a PET ON BOARD sign as well to notify others that there are pets onboard that will need to rescued should there be a campground emergency.
  1. Be a Good Neighbor – From picking up after your pet to limiting their barking (or any loud noises they might make) to obeying the campground leash laws being a good neighbor to the campers parked around you is important.

At Lichtsinn RV many of our guests bring their pets along when picking up a new RV or when here for service work. We’ve seen dogs, cats, parrots and more come through our front doors. RVing provides amazing outdoor experiences and who better to bring along but your four legged babies. A little bit of planning will go along way in ensuring you and your pet enjoy your trip!

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