Top 5 Suggestions on RVing with Kids

RVing allows you the freedom to roam where you want and when you want…and allows you to easily bring your grandchildren or younger children with you.

With the changes in RV offerings over the past couple of years we are seeing more and more families with children and grandparents with grandchildren hitting the road for RV adventures.

But how do you travel with kids “smoothly”…or as “smoothly as possible?” Here are our Top 5 suggestions for making your travels with little ones more enjoyable.

Traveling with kids

  1. Trip Planning

If possible, getting the kids involved in trip planning can help build excitement before and during the trip. What are attractions or other things they’d like to see or experience? Planning ahead is always helpful, but especially when traveling with little ones. Plan for shorter travel days than you might otherwise when you are traveling with children and likely some extra stops for everyone to stretch their legs.

  1. Keep Organized

In any RV your space is more limited than it would be in a house. Keeping yourself and your little ones organized throughout your trip will allow you more time to enjoy your adventures and less time being frustrated by the clutter. Planning ahead, possibly investing in some storage solutions and limiting what you bring (hard to do with kids but necessary) will go miles in keeping your RV organized.

  1. Entertainment

As you Travel from Point A to Point B in your RV, planning what activities the kids will do is important both while on the road as well as once you get to your camping site! While en route, it will help the driver stay focused (without loud distractions due to boredom) and will make the time for everyone go more quickly. Once you arrive at your camp site, planned activities (games, cards, coloring books etc.) are helpful to fill down time and other time you are forced to come inside due to inclement weather. For younger children creating an outdoor play area on an outdoor mat allows them to have their own area outside as well.

  1. Sleeping Arrangements

Spend some time thoughtfully planning where everyone will sleep and what they will need to sleep comfortably. If someone in the RV isn’t sleeping well…no one sleeps well! The lack of sleep can carry over and ruin your adventures the next day.

If you need to leave something at home to make space for something that will aid in sleeping, it’s worth it! A sound machine or other sort of tranquil sleeping machine or app may help keep the outside noises at bay and help everyone sleep more soundly. Even while creating memories of a lifetime, keeping with a consistent bedtime schedule and routine helps everyone sleep better as well.


While en route or even once you get to your campsite having plenty of snacks (quick snacks, and not so quick) will make your trip with kids more enjoyable. Possibly bring some along that they can help make. All of that fresh air increases those little (and big) appetites. Don’t forget the S’mores!

Take a deep breath and enjoy your time together.  While traveling with children may at first seem overwhelming it is a great way to get out and have some quality time with your young ones. Keep in mind the traveling is part of the adventure (not just the destination) and enjoy your time with your little ones. The memories and experiences you create will last forever, while their youth will not.


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