Winnebago Revel vs. Jayco Terrain

Winnebago continues to take the lead on innovation in mainstream RV design. Therefore, it is no surprise that they’re now dominating the off-road, adventure van market as Class B motorhome buyers go off-road and off-grid. Providing comfort and performance in one tough package, adventure vans have grown in popularity over the years.

Among camper vans, the Winnebago Revel is the top choice for adventures both on and off the road. There are some competing manufacturers that have introduced RVs to try to compete with the Revel but continue to come up short. One example is the Jayco Terrain. How does the Revel compare to the visually similar Jayco Terrain?

Continue reading to learn about how the Winnebago Revel stands out from the competition due to Winnebago’s dedication to quality and innovation.

Winnebago Revel vs Jayco Terrain

Winnebago Revel

Key Specifications 

  • Exterior Length – 19’7″
  • Exterior Height – 10′
  • Interior Height – 6’3″
  • Freshwater Capacity – 21 gal.
  • Holding Tank Capacity – 21 gal. (gray)

Key Features

  • On-Demand 4WD with Hi/Lo Range
  • Heavy-Duty Vinyl Flooring
  • Removable Counter Extension
  • Indoor/Outdoor Refrigerator Access
  • ONEPLACE Control Panel
  • Power Lift Bed with Gear Garage Below
  • (6) Removable Cargo Tie-Down Anchors
  • All-in-One Gear Closet and Wet Bath with Shower and Cassette Toilet
  • 215-watts Solar
  • 320-amp-hour Lithium-Ion Battery with Battery Management System
  • Insulated and Heated Gray Water Tank

Jayco Terrain

Key Specifications 

  • Exterior Length – 19’7″
  • Exterior Height – 10′ 1″
  • Interior Height – 6’1″
  • Freshwater Capacity – 22 gal.
  • Holding Tank Capacity – 20 gal. (gray)

Key Features

  • 4×4 Van
  • Rubber Flooring
  • (2) Pullout Countertop Extensions
  • Indoor/Outdoor Refrigerator Access
  • JRIDE Package
  • Power Lift Bed with Gear Garage Storage
  • L-Track on Garage Floor
  • All-in-one Wet Bath with Shower and Cassette Toilet
  • 200-watt Solar Panel Setup
  • 210-amp-hour Smart Lithium Battery
  • Heated Gray Tank with Skid Plate


Both the Winnebago Revel and Jayco Terrain are built on the ever-reliable Mercedes-Benz® Sprinter Chassis with 3.0L 6-cylinder, 188-hp, turbo-diesel engine, 7G-Tronic automatic transmission, and 220-amp. alternator. This chassis also includes numerous safety driving aids including adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, lane-keeping assist, active brake assist, active distance assist distronic, rear cross traffic alert and rear ultrasonic park assist.


One of the first things that stands out is the pricing difference between the Winnebago Revel and the Jayco Terrain. In an attempt to undercut Winnebago’s pricing, the Terrain’s base price MSRP is currently listed around $1,000 less than the Revel. However, this is itself an inaccurate quote, as it does not factor in the “Customer Value” package that adds nearly $20,000 to the Terrain pricing. The Terrain “Customer Value” package is a mandatory add-on, essentially under reporting the shown base price. The package includes numerous features that are standard on the Revel including a roof rack and ladder, patio awning, hydronic heating system and more. The package also forces you to add a Coleman-Mach air conditioner, while you have the choice to add it or not in the Revel.


The Winnebago Revel boasts extensive, automotive-grade insulation in its roof, sidewall, and flooring to keep out the cold. This insulation is odor-free and will not settle even on rough and loose terrain. Also, the sidewall insultation is wrapped in a vapor barrier for added protection. By comparison, the Jayco Terrain does not feature this level and quality of insulation which is a detriment in colder climates.


Once you step inside the Winnebago Revel you’ll first notice the dinette with a bench seat. The bench seat is covered in a comfortable “leather like” fabric and includes a standard safety belt and a 3-point safety belt. The dinette table in the Revel can be completely removed allowing for additional space in front of the bench seat. Below the bench seat is storage for the removable countertop and on the floor below the table you’ll find an in-floor storage compartment. The back of the bench seat can also be removed for access to yet another storage area.

The Terrain instead has (2) less comfortable bucket seats, made with a more rigid fabric, and safety belts. The dinette table is collapsible only, it can not be removed. There is no additional storage below the table, under or behind the seats.

The overhead cabinets in the Revel have a Slam Latch Positive Lock System so you can easily open the cabinets and they securely stay open. The Terrain’s contoured cabinets are more difficult to open and do not securely stay open on their own.


The Gear Garage located below the Power Lift bed is an incredibly popular and often-mentioned feature of the Winnebago Revel. The Terrain also has a similar garage area, but provides fewer mounting brackets to secure your cargo. While the Revel includes (6) secure brackets to hold the (6) removable tie-down anchors located along both sides of the gear garage floor, the Terrain includes only an L-shaped section to place the brackets in providing a less secure tie-down of your gear. By allowing you to completely remove the anchors in the Revel you can also have a flat floor if you choose to prevent any scratching of gear that may be stored there. The brackets in the Revel are covered in a rubber material to further prevent damage from anything getting scratched along the floor.

Another shortfall of the Jayco Terrain is the lack of easy access to the battery which is located within the sidewall of the gear garage area. The only way to reach this in the Terrain is sideways through the rear of the coach. The Revel on the other hand has a compartment in the Gear Garage that can be opened for full and easy access to the battery. The Revel also includes a storage compartment and numerous storage nets in the rear garage walls while the Terrain just has just one slim storage compartment.

The thick mattress and side panels that make up the sleeping area of the power lift bed in the Revel are wrapped in a comfortable fabric providing a soft surface to sleep on. The thinner mattress and side panels in the Terrain are covered in the same “plastic like” material as the bucket seats in the dinette.


An inevitable comparison is the multifunctional bathroom space in both the Winnebago Revel and Jayco Terrain. They share similar layouts with removable shelves, a dry storage compartment, Thetford cassette toilet and more. However, as is a common trend in the Terrain, the quality of material and attention to detail is the defining factor that makes the Revel superior. The wall surround in the Revel’s bathroom space, like the vast majority of components in Winnebago RVs, is manufactured in house and provides a better waterproof seal. Each bathroom space also serves as a closet with removable bamboo shelves. The Revel includes a removable clothes rod while the Terrain uses a less durable clothesline.


With motorhomes designed for off-grid and off-road travel, power is a key factor. The Revel has a 320 amp-hour lithium-ion battery with a dedicated second alternator to charge the system. This setup also includes a state of charge Battery Management System (BMS) that monitors voltage, amps, battery temperatures, and more with an easy-to-use app. By comparison, the Jayco Terrain is equipped with a 210 amp-hour lithium battery which provides you with less watt-hours so the Jayco can run for less hours off-grid.

When comparing a Winnebago motorhome with a visually similar model from another manufacturer, the key distinctions come down to quality and reliability. For decades, Winnebago has provided smart design innovations, superior craftsmanship and quality you can trust which means Winnebago RVs will always stand out against the competition. Contact your Lichtsinn RV Sales Consultant today to find out more about the innovative Winnebago Revel.

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