What will your RV Generator Power?

Depending on how you RV and if you were able to make a campground reservation in time, sometimes plugging in at a campground is not an option. When you are dry camping or boondocking, you may have to rely on a generator to power your RV.  Your RV generator provides AC power for all the appliances that need 120 Volt for operation. Generators can also charge and store power inside RV’s DC battery for later use.

RV Generator Power

To determine what size generator you need (or if the one you have is large enough), you’ll need to estimate the total combined watts of all of the appliances, lamps, battery chargers, air conditioners and other electrical products you typically use at the same time. (All electrical appliances and lights are labeled with their power requirements expressed in watts or amps.) You can use any number of appliances simultaneously, as long as their combined wattage doesn’t exceed the electrical output of your generator or your RV’s circuit breaker rating.

COMMON POWER REQUIREMENTS -This information should be used as a general guide to how much generator power you will need. You will see the average required wattage listed along with the accompanying amps. These averages are just an estimate, to find out the actual needs of the items in your RV see your appliance posted information.


Air Conditioner

Wattage: 1200-2400

Amps: 10-20


Wattage: 400-1000

Amps: 3.3-8


Wattage: 900-2500

Amps: 7.5-20.8


Wattage: 750-1500

Amps: 6.25-12.5


Wattage: 1200-2400

Amps: 10-20


Wattage: 500-1500

Amps: 3-4/15-42

Water Heater

Wattage: 1000-1500

Amps: 8-12.5


Air Compressor

Wattage: 900-1800

Amps: 7.5-15

Battery Charger

Wattage: Up to 3000

Amps: 6-28


Wattage: 450-700

Amps: 3.3-5.8


Wattage:  1400-1700

Amps: 11.6-14


Wattage: 1000-1440

Amps: 8.2-12

Entertainment System

Wattage: 85

Amps: .7

Coffee Pot

Wattage: 900-1200

Amps: 7.5-10


Wattage: 500-100

Amps: 4-8

Electric Blanket

Wattage: 60-100

Amps: .5-.8


Wattage: 10-175

Amps: .08-1.45

Game Console

Wattage: 19-200

Amps: .16-1.6

Hair Dryer

Wattage: 1200-1875

Amps: 10-15.6


Wattage: 20-50

Amps: .16-.41

Light Bulbs

Wattage: 13-100

Amps: .1-.8


Wattage: 15-20

Amps: .12-.16


Wattage: 43-600

Amps: .35-5


Wattage: 800-1400

Amps: 6.6-11.6

*Wattage and Amperage information obtained from Cummins Website

Call a Lichtsinn RV consultant today to find out more about the available generator power in your RV.

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