Winnebago RVs with Storage for Your Adventure Gear

Many people RV as a means to get them to where and what they really love, whether that be biking, skiing or any other of the many forms of recreation. With these adventures comes the need for all the gear specific to whatever it is you plan to do. Winnebago has a number of RVs specifically made for storing the gear that allows you to do what you love. We will detail a few of them below.

Winnebago RVs with Adventure Gear Storage


The Winnebago Revel is the quintessential RV to store your adventure gear coupled with the power and traction to allow you to go off-road to do the things you love. The Winnebago Revel includes a Gear Garage that can be converted into a bedroom with the push of a button. When the power lift bed is raised, you will find gear bag storage under the bed frame (at ceiling level), pocket storage along the lower side walls and heavy-duty vinyl flooring with 6 removable cargo tie-down anchors to secure your gear.  The Gear Garage area can be accessed through the Revel’s rear double doors as well as from inside the coach. The Gear Garage bed measures 49”x79”.

See our Video with measurements of the gear garage area with the bed both raised and lowered along with additional Revel measurements.

Winnebago Revels for Sale


The Winnebago EKKO Class C gas motorhome built on the Ford AWD Transit chassis is ready for all-weather and all-roads! In the rear of the EKKO is a large Gear Garage to store your adventure gear. The EKKO’s gear garage is accessible from both the exterior driver and passenger side of the coach. The heated gear garage allows you to store gear in a climate- controlled setting. Inside the Gear Garage you’ll find an L-Track Cargo Tie Down System to secure your gear and MOLLE gear panel organizers. You’ll also find 110V/12V charging ports and LED lighting inside the Gear Garage providing the perfect space to store your adventure gear.

See our Video on the rear Gear Garage in the EKKO.

Winnebago EKKOs for Sale


The Winnebago Solis is a Class B gas Campervan built atop the RAM ProMaster chassis. The Winnebago Solis is available in 3 floorplans. Each floorplan is available with a rear Murphy+ Bed that can be raised during the day to allow taller gear storage and when lowered still allows storage below it. The 59P and 59PX each include below floor storage in this area to further extend your gear storage space. The Winnebago Solis 59P is also available with a rear sofa bed instead of the Murphy+ Bed that allows for storage behind it. The Solis has heavy duty vinyl flooring throughout to protect the floor from any gear you might set atop it and the 59PX and the Pocket 36A include an L-Track Cargo Tie Down System to secure your gear in transit.  The area can be accessed through the Solis rear dual entry doors or from the interior of the coach. The Murphy+ Bed in the Solis 59P | 59PX measures 59”x77” while the Murphy+ Bed in the Solis Pocket 36A measures 52”x75”.

See our Video on the rear storage area in the Winnebago Solis 59PX.

See our Video Winnebago Solis measurements with the rear Murphy+ Bed.

See our Video Winnebago Solis measurements with the Rear Sofa Bed.

See this Video on the Winnebago Solis Pocket measurements including the rear storage area.

Winnebago Solis for Sale


The Winnebago Travato is also a Class B Gas Campervan built atop the RAM ProMaster chassis. The sleeping area in the Travato 59G | 59GL is located in the rear of the coach. The bed is a double sized bed measuring 49”x77” and includes ample storage below. The bed can be raised and locked into position so larger gear items can be stored in the rear of the Travato when the bed is raised as well as underneath it even when the bed is lowered. This area can be accessed through the Travato rear dual entry doors or from the interior of the coach.

Winnebago Travatos for Sale


You don’t typically think of a Class A as an “adventure gear vehicle.” However, the Winnebago Journey class A diesel motorhome built on the Freightliner XCM modular rail bridge chassis provides open and abundant storage in the basement of the Winnebago Journey floorplans. The Winnebago Journey 34N has 138 cu. ft. of exterior storage, the Winnebago Journey 36K has 187 cu. ft. of exterior storage and the Winnebago Journey 40P has a very impressive 256 cu. ft. of exterior storage. The exterior compartments in the Winnebago Journey are tall with some measuring upwards of 31”. While you won’t want to take your Journey off-roading, if you are at a campground and want to bring along your adventure gear, the XCM chassis in the Journey allows for open basement storage providing wide expanses to store your adventure gear.

Winnebago Journeys for Sale

As you can see, Winnebago offers a number of great options to ensure you have the space in your RV to bring all of your adventure gear with you. Contact a Lichtsinn RV consultant today to find out more about any of these Winnebago motorhomes with a focus on active adventure!

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