Why Buy a Class C Gasoline Powered RV versus a Class C Diesel Powered RV

One of the most common questions we receive at Lichtsinn RV is why should I buy a Class C gasoline powered coach or a Class C diesel?  Here we break down the two and include a few questions that guests chatted in during a recent live monthly video webcast we hosted.

Most guests will opt for a Class C diesel for the fuel efficiency of the Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis averaging 16-18 compared to Ram Promaster gasoline powered coaches averaging 14-16 mpg.

The power, or torque, of a Mercedes Benz Sprinter diesel is also higher than that of its Ram Promaster competitor. The Mercedes Benz will include 325 ft lbs of torque, whereas the Ram Promaster will have 258-260 lb ft of torque or power. This allows our Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis to pull 5,000 lbs, compared to 2,000-3,500 on the Ram Promaster.

2015 Winnebago Trend and Itasca Viva!

Available in both gas and diesel engine. Same floorplans, just different engines. The Dodge Ram Promaster gas is 3.6 versus the diesel which is 3.0. Both are 6 cylinder with 6 speed transmissions. The gas has 280 HP and 258 torque. The Diesel has 174 HP and 295 torque.

Another difference with the Trend/Viva gas vs. diesel option would include the fuel source of the generator. The gas engine will have a 2800 Cummins Onan gas generator and the diesel powered engine will have a 2500 LP generator.

The difference in fuel economy will be about 10% better with diesel. Currently the gas Trend averages about 14-16 mpg.

Pricing for the diesel engine will be about $5,000 more than the current gas version.

A question came in on the burn rate of LP vs. diesel generators on the Sprinter based lineup… The burn rates of a CumminsOnan 3,600 watt LP generator is .6 gallon of LP per hour at half load whereas the CumminsOnan 3,200 watt diesel is .3 gallon of diesel fuel per hour at half load.

ProMaster Gas ProMaster Diesel
Engine 3.6L 3.0L
Cylinder 6 6
Transmission 6 6
Horsepower 280 174
Torque 258 295
MPG 14-16 MPG 10% better
Price $5,000 more
Generator 2.8KW Cummins Onan Gas 2.5KW Cummins Onan LP


Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3.0L Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2.1L
Engine 3.0L 2.1L
Cylinder 6 6
Transmission 5 speed automatic with tip-shift 7 speed automatic with tip-shift
Horsepower 188 161
Torque 325 266
MPG 16-18 MPG 10% better