Take the Winnebago Motorhome Factory Tour

Visit the largest motorhome manufacturing facility in the world, Winnebago Industries, Inc., headquartered in Forest City on a campus that we refer to as the most productive 60 acres in North Iowa. Founded in 1958, “Winnebago” became a household word and became the first recreation vehicle manufacturer to build motorhomes in an automotive-style assembly line system. We build our motorhomes in one of the most technologically advanced RV manufacturing facilities in existence today.

Winnebago Factory Tour

Free Winnebago Motorhome Factory Tours – 

Forest City, IA – Class A & Class C Motorhomes:

  • Twice daily (Monday through Thursday) April through October at 9:00 a.m. and 1 p.m.
  • Special accommodations can be arranged for large tour groups. Reservations are recommended to ensure a space on the tour.
  • Close-toed shoes are required.
  • Safety glasses, safety vest and hearing protection provided/required on tours.

Lake Mills, IA – Class B Motorhomes:

  • Daily (Monday through Thursday at 9:30 and Friday at 9:30 & 1:00) April through October
  • Reservations are recommended to ensure a space on the tour.
  • Close-toed shoes are required.
  • Safety glasses, safety vest and hearing protection provided/required on tours.

All motorhome production tours start at the Winnebago Visitors Center in Forest City, IA.

When you are in Forest City for the Winnebago Factory Tour, make sure to stop by Lichtsinn RV to see the finished product! We are just 1 mile north of the Forest City facility and on the way to the Lake Mills facility.

Experience the Best℠ at Lichtsinn RV, the #1 Winnebago Dealer in North America for the last four consecutive years. Lichtsinn RV is located 1 mile north of Winnebago Industries in Forest City, IA and we proudly sell new Winnebago motorhomes and pre-owned RVs from various manufacturers. While at Lichtsinn RV, you can expect no delivery miles on new RVs, a complimentary half-day educational orientation of your RVexcellent guest reviews, an assigned support team from sales, parts, service and the business officesuperior accommodationsno-hassle pricing and competitive financing. See our extensive new and used inventory here.

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An Overview of the Maxum Chassis and Freightliner V-Ride

The perfect diesel-pusher experience begins starts with a solid base, and Winnebago’s exclusive Maxum Chassis provides the ultimate framework for an unsurpassed ride in a Class A Diesel motorhome. Winnebago’s engineers worked closely with Freightliner Custom Chassis – the proven leader in diesel motorhome chassis – to create the Maxum Chassis: a stronger, better performing chassis. The Maxum Chassis sets the standard for diesel-pusher chassis with its lowered-rail frame providing better handling, a smoother ride, and incredible strength. In fact, the Maxum Chassis is seven times stronger than a raised-rail chassis which minimizes chassis flex and twisting. To top it off, the Maxum Chassis’ lowered-rail design increases the basement storage height allowing for pass-thru storage with room for slideout trays.

Winnebago maxum chassis

In conjunction with the exclusive Maxum Chassis, Winnebago offers Freightliner Custom Chassis’ V-Ride single axle suspension rated at 24,000-lbs. Freightliner Custom Chassis V-Ride is designed for luxury motorhome owners who want the ability to carry more gear, the freedom to equip their interiors with premium amenities, and a comfortable, confident driving experience.Freightliner Custom Chassis V Ride

Benefits of FCCC V-Ride –

  • Increased towing capacity
  • Quik-Align® allows for easy axle alignment without the use of shims
  • V-rod connection dissipates suspension forces, reducing stress for greater durability and longevity
  • U-Shaped Assembly – The transverse beam integrated with the trailing arm form a single-piece U-shaped assembly – enhancing stability at all speeds
  • Consistent Handling – The V-rod connection and U-shaped assembly design result in superior roll stability and more predictable handling in all road conditions, giving motorhome owners a confident driving experience
  • Smooth Ride – Large volumetric air springs and premium Sachs shocks deliver the smoothest ride available in a motorhome

FCCC V-Ride vs. the Competition –

FCCC has the Best Class A Ride

  • FCCC has a custom-built drive suspension by FCCC-engineering
  • Competition has an off-the-shelf truck suspension with swiveling bushing

Stability for All

  • FCCC suspensions are rated from 17,500 to 24,000 lbs. and designed exclusively for RV usage
  • Competition uses a generic truck/bus axle configuration

Driver Control

  • FCCC’s V-Ride is the only suspension that controls the weight of a top-heavy vehicle – giving control and confidence to the owner for the life of the coach.
  • Competition is still using technology that FCCC stopped using in 1999.

All motorhomes built on the Freightliner Custom Chassis – including the Maxum Chassis – qualify for Winnebago’s Carefree Diesel Living warranty. This program extends the Winnebago warranty on our diesel pusher lineup —  all built on Freightliner chassis — to an industry-leading 3 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Lichtsinn RV, America’s closest dealer to Winnebago Industries, has been named Top North American Winnebago Dealer by Winnebago Industries for the last four consecutive years. We proudly sell New RVs manufactured by Winnebago Industries as well as Used RVs.

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Winnebago Horizon 40A

Winnebago Introduces Horizon 42Q Floorplan

Confident and bold, the Winnebago Horizon brings a fresh look to the diesel pusher category, with the performance to back it up. Each of the Horizon floorplans feature a refreshingly clean design, highlighted by LED tube lighting and luxurious Villa furnishings. Both include a spacious master bedroom with an available walk-around recline/incline king bed, abundant interior storage, full galley with residential-style refrigerator, and the versatile Glide & Dine dining table and chairs that let you configure your dining area to suit your needs. Every Horizon is built on our turbo-diesel-powered Maxum Chassis, so you can count on the performance, ride, handling, and storage to match the Horizon’s elegant good looks. Drive, arrive, and thrive in style: the new Horizon is calling.

The Winnebago Horizon 42Q features a mid-coach guest bath, dedicated lounge area, and private master suite make the 42Q ideal for entertaining — or getting away from it all.


Drive your Horizon worry-free with Winnebago’s 3-year/100,000-mile Carefree Diesel Living warranty.

See Lichtsinn RV’s Winnebago Horizon Inventory here.

Feature Teacher: Ultraleather and Primera by Ultrafabrics

RV Life requires innovative surface solutions that can withstand the demands of active lifestyles, kids, and pets. Ideally suited for such demands, Ultrafabrics high performance materials are the preferred choice for applications varying from driver’s seats to lounge chairs.

Winnebago uses Ultraleather in cab seats, sofas, loungers, and more. Ultraleather gives you the softness, comfort, and luxury that is more durable than lather and incredibly easy to clean. Made with proprietary technology that combines four material layers including PVC-free polycarbonates, it has been tested and proven to surpass competitive fabrics for integrity and durability. Plus, Ultraleather offers superior thermal comfort- creating a comfortable temperature regardless of the setting. With Ultraleather, you can stay pleasantly protected from the bumps, spills, and scrapes of life on the road.

Winnebago also uses Primera by Ultrafabrics as furniture coverings. The Primera® Collezione is the first collection in a newly-created category of value-engineered polyurethanes from Ultrafabrics®. Utilizing performance-equipped polymers and a sturdy rayon/polyester blended backcloth, Primera’s construction meets or exceeds demanding performance standards. This fabric is the ideal upholstery solution with proven stain resistance and durability.

Lichtsinn RV is America’s closest RV dealer to Winnebago and Winnebago Touring Coach Factory, located just one mile north of the Winnebago factory in Forest City, Iowa. Winnebago Industries has named Lichtsinn RV the Top North American Winnebago Dealer for the past 3 consecutive years. We also have the #1 Winnebago Parts Department in the Country, shipping parts throughout the United States and Canada.


Winnebago makes STANDARD the 3 Year/100,000 Mile Diesel Pusher Warranty

JUST ANNOUNCED Winnebago Industries 3 year/100,000 mile warranty, that had previously been offered on all Winnebago Diesel Pushers through August 31, 2017 only, is now STANDARD on all Diesel Pushers. This extended warranty includes the following Winnebago motorhome models: Winnebago Journey, Winnebago Forza, Winnebago Tour and the Winnebago Grand Tour.

At Winnebago, innovation isn’t limited to cutting edge products. They also lead in after sale service support. So while some manufacturers such as Tiffin District Service Centers are turning coaches older than 4 years away from their service facilities, Winnebago will be there for you today, tomorrow and for years to come.

This program extends the warranty on our diesel pusher lineup — all built on Freightliner chassis — to an industry-leading 3 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. Winnebago has always stood behind its products, and for anyone who is concerned about service, this program clearly demonstrates the confidence we have in our diesel pusher lineup! CLICK HERE to see a complete listing of our current in-stock new Diesel Pusher Inventory.

Class A diesel warranty


Call a Lichtsinn RV Sales Team member to find out more about the Winnebago extended 3 Year/100,000 Mile Diesel Pusher warranty today! 1-800-343-6255

PressurePro Chosen as TPMS for Winnebago Freightliner Maxum Chassis Offerings

Advantage PressurePro has been chosen as the TPMS provider for Winnebago’s line of Freightliner Maxum chassis offerings. The included models – encompassing the Winnebago Grand Tour, Tour and Journey models – will be gaining PressurePro’s market leading TPMS capabilities through their factory-installed XiteSolutions North America Inc.’s (XSNA) infotainment solution, arming users with a complete and integrated TPMS option.

“Giving Winnebago owners a comprehensive and streamlined solution that allows us to deliver our advanced monitoring capabilities is key, as tire maintenance and monitoring continue to be an integral part of ensuring a safe journey to your chosen destination,” said Nathalie Zaroor, PressurePro’s recreational account manager. “Our partnership and integration with XiteSolutions North America is a perfect solution as it arms customers with the same gold TPMS capabilities utilized by our commercial and heavy duty customers around the globe, without sacrificing ease of use or the attractive package desired by recreationalists.”

The integrated solution, distributed by RiverPark Inc., began rollout in early December and allows customers to monitor real-time tire performance information directly on their infotainment screen, both during travels and while parked. Fully customizable alerts allow users to set alarm triggers per their individualized needs, while wholly integrated alert capabilities allow warnings to be delivered not just on screen, but also audibly through the vehicle’s sound system.

“PressurePro carries a high standard of those we choose to work with, as we maintain the same elevated expectations for quality and support that we demand of our own solutions. We couldn’t be more impressed with our partnership with XiteSolutions North America or the final product birthed from it” stated Vanessa Hargrave, COO of Advantage PressurePro. “With a newly created user interface, XSNA has gone above and beyond to deliver our complete TPMS capabilities to Winnebago customers, including advanced options such as our trailer on/off settings and easy ‘sensor swap capabilities, all while maintaining unmatched ease of use and installation.”

Credit: RV Pro 5/17/2017

CLICK HERE to view our inventory of Winnebago Grand Tour, Tour and Journey models.

Limited Supply Winnebago Class A Diesel Pushers

If you are leaning towards purchasing a Winnebago Class A Diesel Pusher, NOW is a great time to buy, otherwise you’ll have to wait until late fall/early winter.  Winnebago Diesel Pusher Inventory is limited now through late fall/early winter due to the announcement of the Winnebago Diesel Pusher product production being transitioned to Junction City, Oregon.  Winnebago Industries announced plans for this change about a year and a half ago.

As a guest interested in Winnebago Diesel Pushers including: the Winnebago Forza, Winnebago Journey, Winnebago Tour and Winnebago Grand Tour models are included in this production transition to Oregon.  Currently, the Forza is still being manufactured in Forest City but production has stopped on the Journey, Tour and Grand Tour.  We will not see any new Journey, Tour or Grand Tour units being produced until late fall/ early winter.

After the announcement of the transition of production, Lichtsinn RV purchased the balance of inventory of the Winnebago Journey 36M’s and Grand Tour 42QL’s from Winnebago Industries.  Also, a Grand Tour 45RL will be arriving at the dealership soon.  Be sure to take advantage of the availability of color selection and content while we have a variety of interior/exterior options of these models IN STOCK NOW.

In addition to taking advantage of the great assortment of these models, you can also take advantage of Carefree Diesel Days NOW  – August 31, 2017.  Carefree Diesel Days, is an extended warranty promotion for Winnebago Diesel Pushers!   This program extends the warranty on the diesel pusher lineup —  all built on Freightliner chassis — to an industry-leading 3 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. Winnebago will be there for you, today, tomorrow and for years to come.   Winnebago has always stood behind its products, and for anyone who is concerned about service, this program clearly demonstrates the confidence Winnebago has in their diesel pusher lineup!

Take advantage of the availability of these Diesel Pushers here at Lichtsinn RV before they are gone!

CLICK HERE to view our Diesel Pusher inventory or call us today at 1-800-343-6255.