Winnebago Sprinter RV Toilet 101

We’ve all traveled.  And when traveling, you’re bound to need to use the restroom at some point during your trip. And let’s face it, public bathrooms are sometimes, actually more often than not, less than desirable.

The good news is, when traveling by a  Sprinter Chassis RV you’ll never again need to enter an public bathroom.   It’s all right there for you in your RV.  You’ve earned the luxury of having your own private space to go.   The security of knowing this will come to a clean, safe and successful end.

The Winnebago Motorhomes built on the Sprinter Chassis: The Revel,  Boldt, Era and the View/Navion Series all have bathrooms, but that’s where the similarity ends.

Winnebago Sprinter Toilets
Winnebago Revel Toilet

The Revel was the first Winnebago RV to utilize a cassette toilet.  A cassette toilet pairs the comfort of a permanent toilet with the convenience of a portable black tank.  You can even carry a spare if you want to stay off-grid longer.

The convenience of the “mobile”  5-gallon cassette allows you to easily transport the tank to empty its contents at gas stations, campground dump stations or any other public restroom.

Simply remove the cassette from the locking side compartment, unlatch the handle and roll it to the dumping station.  Nice and easy.  No mess.

Revel Cassette Toilet
Revel Cassette Toilet

The other Winnebago Sprinter Chassis motorhome models use traditional black waste storage tanks.  They are mounted under the RV and you use a sewer hose to connect them to dump station facilities.

In the Winnebago Boldt 70BL you can store up to 24 gallons of black tank waste and the Boldt 70KL floorplan holds up to 16 gallons.  The freshwater, grey and black holding tanks in the Boldt are double insulated tanks with heating pads to ensure they don’t freeze so you can use the Boldt (including the toilet) in colder weather.

The Winnebago Era is about the same size as the Boldt but the black water storage tanks are not as large.  The Era 70A holds 8 gallons, the 70B and 70X floorplans offer 9 gallons black waste tank storage capacity.

These Class B Sprinter RVs: Winnebago Boldt, Winnebago Era and the Winnebago Revel, each have bathrooms that are wet baths.  This means the toilet is located in your shower area/room.  That also means your toilet always stays clean.   There’s even a handy sprayer to make sure of it! (Wouldn’t it be nice if your toilet at home had that?)

Winnebago Sprinter Toilets
Winnebago View 24J Toilet and Sprayer

The Winnebago View/Navion bathrooms are full sized bathrooms, with the toilet located separately from the shower as you would find in a residential house.

All Winnebago View/Navion floorplans hold an ample 41 gallons of black waste.

The View/Navion 24J and 24V offer the cool comfort of a porcelain toilet while the 24D has a composite toilet.

While we prefer you not actually “test out” the RV toilets at the dealership, it is certainly important to know what you are getting into when purchasing a Sprinter Chassis RV.  Know you’re Sprinter RV toilet options. They are much better than a public bathroom!

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