Tip Tuesday: Learn How to Pair your Phone with your Infotainment Center via Bluetooth

In this week’s #TipTuesday, we go over how to pair your phone with your infotainment center via Bluetooth. Watch the video below.

Tip Tuesday Pairing Your Phone to Infotainment Center via Bluetooth

Lichtsinn RV, America’s closest dealer to Winnebago Industries, has been named Top North American Winnebago Dealer by Winnebago Industries for the last four consecutive years. We proudly sell New RVs manufactured by Winnebago Industries as well as Used RVs

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5 Apps to Help You Find Your Next RV Spot

One of the best parts of RVing is discovering new places. However, places that are new aren’t very familiar! So, when we need to find a good campground in a new place, we rely on these 5 apps to find campsites.

1. Campendium

Campendium is probably our favorite app. It was the first app I learned to use to help Jon find campsites. The search function is very intuitive. Both on the website and the mobile app, the search box is front and center. You can type in your destination. Or, in a pinch, you can quickly select from nearby RV parks, public land, free camping, overnight parking, and even dump stations.

campendium app

2. Reserve America

When we first began to RV, Reserve America was a favorite app of ours. Even now, as experienced RVers, it remains our favorite app for finding State Parks and reserving stays at State Parks. Reserve America is also a helpful tool for finding and reserving RV park campsites as well. The main benefit to using this app is that you’re able to make and pay for your reservations right within the app. We find the app to be easy, clear, and straightforward when it comes to securing and paying for reservations.

3. Park Adviser

One of the most robust apps is the Park Advisor RV Parks and Campgrounds app. We find it impressive because it includes many points that are of special interest to RVers. A map will not only show you campgrounds, but also nearby Cracker Barrels, Walmarts, Flying Js, Sam’s Clubs, Costcos, and dump stations. This app is excellent if you’ve arrived to an area ahead of schedule and your reservation hasn’t yet begun. It’s also helpful if you’ve had to unexpectedly change plans. You may need to spend a night at a Walmart or Cracker Barrel before regrouping and moving on to a campground.

find your campsite

4. iOverlander

The ability to search for established and “informal” campgrounds internationally is iOverlander’s strength. If your RV travels are taking you into Canada or Mexico, this is a great app to use. It’s also useful if you plan on flying to a country and then RVing for part of your visit. In addition to campgrounds, the app allows you to search for dump stations, wild camping, and propane. Another unique feature is the ability to filter your search results by how old user reviews are, since the quality of a campsite can change over time. You can filter out results that don’t have reviews within the last 3 months, 6 months, and 1-5 years.

5. The Dyrt

The Dyrt is a newer app serving the needs of both RVers and tent campers. As an Rver, you’ll want to be sure the search result you click has the icon for “RV sites.” Being that the app is newer, it isn’t as robust as some of the others on the list, but it is the most interactive. You can earn points and prizes for submitting reviews of the campgrounds that you stay at. They also have a quick search where you can explore campgrounds by state. This initially sorts the campgrounds with “top campgrounds,” as determined by reviews, at the top of the results.

Article originally published on WinnebagoLife.com

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February Featured Parts Special – WeatherTech Mats

Keep your vehicles floor clean from debris with All-Weather Floor Mats from WeatherTech. These All-Weather Floor Mats were designed to give the best possible protection for your vehicle floor and are made to stay in one place! They will not curl, crack or harden in sub-zero weather.  If you do happen to make a mess, cleanup is a breeze due to the protective, non-stick finish!

Featured Part WeatherTech Indoor and Outdoor Mats

To order WeatherTech Indoor and Outdoor Mats please contact the Lichtsinn RV Parts Department by calling 1-800-343-6255 or emailing parts@lichtsinn.com

To find out pricing on Weather Tech Mats Click on the below Links:

Winnebago Fuse Models

Winnebago View and Navion

Winnebago Trend Models

Winnebago Travato Models

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Four Factors to Look for in a Lithium Battery RV

Better energy systems are the next wave in RVs. More owners want their AC and other appliances to run longer—long enough to keep pets cool for hours, and still provide hot showers while running other appliances. But they also want to untether from campground outlets and avoid noisy generators that compete with the sounds of nature.

That’s why there’s a buzz around lithium ion batteries—the kind that power electric and hybrid cars. Traditional lead-acid batteries like to be charged relatively slowly compared with lithium ions. The faster charge rate combined with much greater capacity for their weight is what makes lithium ions a true game-changer.

Black energy pack

A few RV “techies” are installing their own systems and posting DIY instructions online. But if you’re not that much of an engineer, you’ll be happy to know a few RVs now come with optional lithium batteries built-in. At Winnebago, we’ve started with one of our most popular B vans, the Travato, introducing the Pure3 Energy Management System in our 2019 Travato 59GL and 59KL. (See video here.)  These two models are fully engineered around the most advanced energy system available (see comparison chart).

If you’re seriously comparing RV battery systems, here are the main factors to keep in mind:

Available power

Think of power as three traits: charging speed, battery capacity, and how long the charge lasts. Most new RV lithium cells, including the do-it-yourself kind, are just 12 volts—a size that typically requires a long charge time and quickly depletes. If you want a rapid charge or several more hours of reliable juice, look for a more robust system, like the 48-volt Pure3.

The Winnebago system recharges from either a conventional outlet or a dedicated 58V alternator hooked up to the engine and a solar panel on the roof helps maintain the charge. During a charge cycle—whether manually initiated or requested by the battery—the Travato’s engine starts and ramps up to 1600 rpms, dramatically reducing recharge time compared with conventional batteries or smaller lithiums. You’ll quickly have 30 amps of 110v power for heating, cooking, or air conditioning.

Ease of use

Fewer RV owners are parking near a hook-up station for very long. They’re blazing out to the trailhead, exploring a National Park, or dry camping at an outdoor music festival. If this sounds like you, you need a system that restores battery power while you run the engine. Even short trips will do it.

And when you’re parked, the Travato 59GL and 59KL have an auto-start feature that starts the engine to recharge the battery. This feature extends the run time of the air conditioner beyond the battery’s fixed capacity. It’s a convenience that provides extra peace of mind when you’re gone from the RV for an extended period of time—for example, when you leave your pets for an evening out to dinner.

Ease of use includes keeping tabs on available energy. You shouldn’t have to scratch your head over the readout on a voltage indicator. The Pure3 system has a simple analog gauge that lets you know when it’s running low—like the gas gauge on your car.



Look for a battery that’s built to last. The best value and least hassle will be one that’s automotive-grade like the Pure3. You’d generally expect to replace a common lead-acid battery several times over the life of your RV, but the Pure3 is built to work as long as the Travato does, just like batteries in electric cars. To get a unit this durable, Winnebago worked with Volta, the leading name in vehicle energy systems.

Protection from the elements contributes to long life. For that, we mounted the Pure3 below the coach and inside a water-resistant, insulated steel housing. Cabin air circulates around the compartment when the weather gets too hot or cold. And the whole system is compact to provide ample clearance, even on rutty roads.

The ultimate test

Beyond tech specs, the key test is lifestyle. Will it enable the uncomplicated RV life you want? Our goal with the Travato 59GL and 59KL was to take lithium technology out of the realm of geek-dom and put it in the hands of the everyday RVer. For $20,000 above the Travato’s regular MSRP, the advanced Pure3 energy system is a practical solution when you average its cost and comforts over the entire life of your RV.

We’re pretty sure lithium ion systems are going mainstream in the not-too-distant future. So, when it comes time to shop around, look under the hood—or, in Winnebago’s case, under the coach. Make sure the energy system you choose has the capacity, durability, and simplicity you need for truly carefree adventures.

Post originally appeared on RVT.com.

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Lichtsinn RV, America’s closest dealer to Winnebago Industries, has been named Top North American Winnebago Dealer by Winnebago Industries for the last four consecutive years. We proudly sell New RVs manufactured by Winnebago Industries as well as Used RVs. See our Winnebago Travato inventory here

Understanding Occupant and Cargo Carrying Capacity in the Winnebago Vita

Occupant and Cargo Carrying Capacity (OCCC) is an important specification to understand before you buy your motorhome. The OCCC label is required by federal motor vehicle safety standards to ensure that buyers know that weight of passengers and cargo they can safely carry. Vehicle safety systems like tires, brakes and collision avoidance all may be compromised when the loaded motorhome weight exceeds the chassis weight rating.

The OCCC is listed on the required yellow weight label that you can find inside one of the entry doors to the motorhome. The OCCC figure is the maximum allowable weight for all occupants, food, tools, and personal belongings, including the weight of all fresh water you carry. Even the weight you put on the hitch must be included in your cargo calculation and the total must be less than the OCCC for safe operation of your RV.

Based on the option and floorplan selection, the View and Navion typically provide well over 1,000-lbs., while the Vita and Porto were designed to provide up to 1,800-lbs. of capacity.

The Vita Safely Carries More Compared to the Competitors – 

  • Up to 832-lbs. More than the Jayco Melbourne
  • Up to 1,084-lbs. More than the Thor Chateau
  • Up to 744-lbs. More than the Forest River Sunseeker
  • Up to 632-lb. More than the Forest River Forester
  • Up to 1,169-lb. More than the REV Renegade Villagio
  • Up to 741-lb. More than the Coachmen Prism Elite
  • Up to 317-lb. More than the Coachmen Prism

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The Winnebago Vita and Porto – Fuel Efficient Mercedes-Benz Powered Class Cs

Lichtsinn RV, America’s closest dealer to Winnebago Industries, has been named Top North American Winnebago Dealer by Winnebago Industries for the last four consecutive years. We proudly sell New RVs manufactured by Winnebago Industries as well as Used RVs. See our Winnebago Vita inventory here.

6 Winnebago Small Motorhomes With Slide Outs

Want to RV, but want the flexibility of going where you want when you want, with the option of not bringing a tow car? A small sized RV 26’ or less allows you to park and camp almost anywhere. AND…if you add a slideout to your small RV the possibilities continue to grow! Whether you want to use your RV to travel across the country, tailgate, as a traveling office, or to just park it  while you enjoy the great outdoors, a small RV may be the answer for you. This is a growing category in the RV market, whether it’s a Class C or a Class B Van, that offers a great deal of versatility to the owner.

Winnebago Offers 6 models that include 1 or more floorplans under 26’ with slideouts.

These models include:

The Winnebago View and Navion

Winnebago View Interior
Winnebago View

Available in 4 Floorplans, all with slideouts, coming in at 25’ 8” in length each, the Winnebago View and Navion offer versality and comfort. Built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Diesel Chassis, and getting 16-18 mpg the View and Navion are powerful and economical with elegantly appointed interiors. The Winnebago View and Navion are the ultimate in efficient, luxurious RV travel for couples and families. The four slideout-equipped Class C floorplans offer a variety of sleeping and living-space choices. All feature swivel cab seats for added seating flexibility in the lounge, a powered patio awning, and a cabover bunk for added sleeping capacity.

To see Winnebago View and Navion Inventory CLICK HERE.

Winnebago Outlook 22C
Winnebago Outlook 22C

The Class C Gas Motorhome, the Winnebago Outlook, is a new Class C motorhome that’s fully equipped and priced to fit almost any budget. The Outlook 22C is built on Ford®’s proven E350 chassis. The Outlook 22C measures in 24’2” in length with a Queen Bed Slideout. This floorplan features a full galley, overhead bed, and a long list of standard amenities at a friendly price point.

To see Winnebago Outlook 22C Inventory CLICK HERE.

Winnebago Minnie Winnie 22M
Winnebago Minnie Winnie 22M

The Winnebago Minnie Winnie and the Winnebago Spirit Class C Gas Motorhome is ready to go anywhere adventure calls you. The nimble 22M floorplan at just 24’ 2” in length includes a U-shaped dinette that converts to a comfortable bed. The Minnie Winnie and Spirit 22M features a private rear bedroom and cabover bunk for added sleeping flexibility, plus a large rear trunk for your gear. Make it your own with three interior décor options and stylish exteriors. The Minnie Winnie and Spirit have a long list of standard features, a variety of available upgrade packages, and Winnebago’s legendary build quality.

The Winnebago NEW Winnebago Vita

Winnebago Vita Interior
Winnebago Vita

The Winnebago Vita™, available in 2 floorplans measuring 24’7” each in length, combine Winnebago’s legendary build quality with best-in-class features, a spacious interior and plenty of useful storage: the result is a compact and easy-driving package that’s perfect for solo travelers, couples or families.

Designed specifically for the Mercedes-Benz® Sprinter chassis, the Vita’s floorplans boast the largest galley, the largest bed — even the largest holding tanks in the class. The Class C Vita comes with standard features like the strong, lightweight and quiet SuperShell™ Sleeper Deck, 200-watt solar energy system, roof-port wiring access, panoramic galley window and exclusive customizable storage cabinets.

To see Winnebago Vita Inventory CLICK HERE.

Winnebago Fuse
Winnebago Fuse

The Winnebago’s Fuse’s 3 Floorplans, each with a slideout, measuring 24’ in length each. The Winnebago Fuse is stylish, flexible and fuel-efficient. Designed around the Ford® Power Stroke® diesel engine, the Winnebago® Fuse® comfortably accommodates up to four adults in a nimble, fuel-efficient package. Three surprisingly roomy, Class C slideout-equipped floorplans come complete with a full galley, entertainment system, and a full bath with a shower. In the rear-bath 23A, the Flex Bed System lets you opt for twin beds or a single queen bed, the 23T features a corner bath and walkaround queen bed, and the 23F a convenient corner bed. Each Fuse includes a powered armless patio awning with LED lighting, solar charging system, and a residential 110V refrigerator, while the available bike rack and a host of other options let you configure your Fuse to your needs and taste.

To see Winnebago Fuse Inventory CLICK HERE.

Winnebago Era 70M Interior
Winnebago Era 70M

The Winnebago Era is a Sprinter-based Class B-Van. The 70M Floorplan is just 24’3” in length and comes with one slideout. The Winnebago Era is now available with 4WD option and other enhancements. The Era 70M Floorplan offers a full bath and a Murphy Bed sleeping arrangement, premium contemporary interior styling, sumptuous Ultraleather™ furnishings, and dimmable LED lighting. The full galley features stainless steel appliances and a compressor-powered refrigerator for optimal cooling performance. Outside, a powered patio awning, LED lighting, and exterior speakers make it easy to relax, while the expandable solar power system helps keep the power flowing, even when you’re off the grid.

To see Winnebago Era 70M Inventory CLICK HERE.

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The Class C Winnebago Aspect

Winnebago® continues to lead the Class C market thanks to a commitment to quality construction and innovative features. The Aspect® embodies this mantra with standard amenities such as swivel cab seats that become part of the lounge and a large exterior storage trunk with a recessed compartment where you can keep drinks on ice. Upscale amenities include: Corian countertops and backsplash, MCD solar and blackout roller shades, and an Infotainment Center with Rand McNally RV GPS. Available upgrades include dual-pane Contour™ frameless windows that are unrivaled for their quality in the Class C market. Choose from two floorplans, both with walkaround queen beds and robust entertainment centers, that provide all the residential comfort you crave when you’re on the road. Lead the way in comfort and class in a Winnebago Aspect.

Winnebago Aspect 27K Interior

The double slideout Winnebago Aspect 27K offers the additional luxury of a large rear storage trunk with multiple access points to let you carry more of what is important to you, all while still including a walkaround queen bed in the bedroom.

Winnebago Aspect 30J Interior

The triple slideout Winnebago Aspect 30J offer the additional luxury of a large rear storage trunk with multiple access points to let you carry more of what is important to you, all while still including a walkaround queen bed in the bedroom.

This coach is powered by the tried and true Ford powertrain and cab upgrades:

1.  Ford E450 6.8L Triton V10

2.  305 Horsepower

3.  420 lbs. feet of torque or power

4.  Ford TorqShift six speed Automatic transmission with grade braking capability in tow haul mode

5.  Four wheel ABS

6.  Factory installed 5,000 lb tow package

7.  Stainless steel wheel liners

8.  Rear auxiliary air springs

9.  Front cab seats, both of which rotate to become integral living components and include cushions for a more residential feel

10.  SiriusXM satellite radio

11.  Rearview and side video camera monitoring system

New enhancements include:

1.  LED lighting integrated into the patio awning

2.  Contour windows, dual pane thermo insulated, with mini frames for a tighter seal that competitive frameless windows, with an added darker tint

3.  Side video camera monitoring system added to the side mirrors and integrated into the rearview camera monitoring system

4.  Corian galley countertops with sink and range covers.

5.  Larger double door refrigerator and freezer

6.  Infotainment Center with Rand McNally RV GPS, including touch screen color monitor, Rand McNally RV GPS safe & easy routing, amenities and tools, trips & content, turn-by-turn voice guidance, CD DVD player, SiriusXM, compass, outside temperature, iPod and iPhone audio integration, Bluetooth, and so much more.

To find out more about the Winnebago Aspect call a Lichtsinn RV Sales Consultant Today!

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Iowa Dreamin’ – A guest’s account of their trip to Iowa.

Iowa reminds us why America’s Great Plains are called The Heartland!

I have been through Iowa many times in the fifty or so years since the days I was a teenage Air Force Brat. Iowa’s amber waves of grain, and the tall corn that makes snapping sounds as it grows are a testimony to the fertility of its land and the industry of the people. Normally, my wife and I have just have just zipped through this distant horizon landscape to reach mountain destinations to the west. But early last year we paused to spend just a few days here on two occasions.

The first occasion was to buy our new Winnebago motor home in Forest City which is about halfway across the state and only an hour south of Nebraska. We live in Ohio but chose to buy from Lichtsinn in Forest City for several reasons. Lichtsinn is only about a few short miles from the Winnebago factory south of town. This meant that we could drive our new purchase ourselves during the first one-thousand mile break-in period. We were diligent in our trip back to Ohio to vary our speed and avoid towing according to the manual and the instructions from the Lichtsinn sales and service staff.

Forest City seems an unlikely place for a huge RV factory. As one of our nephews might say “Forest City is in the middle of nowhere”. And what a beautiful nowhere it is! We reached our motel in the evening near the dealership after travelling west over miles of two lane roads through endless fields stretching to a horizon we couldn’t reach under a sunset that only the great plains can produce. It was Holy Thursday. We could only fit into the dealer’s schedule on Good Friday afternoon if we didn’t want to wait another couple of weeks. And we were anxious to move into the next phase of our travelling adventures with our new motorhome.

Forest City is small; only slightly more than four thousand people. So we only had to go a little more than walking distance from Lichtsinn to reach one of the few restaurants in town. Our sales person directed us to one that was only a block from the Winnebago dealership. The food was great and we then spent some time wandering the city streets before heading to bed.

Friday morning we headed north from our motel into town to a coffee shop we had passed the night before. Coffee and a light breakfast were excellent and exceeded only by stimulating conversation with the friendly locals. One of them was a ninety-three year old lady who had lived in Forest City all her life. We were assured that everyone in town knew her. We were in no hurry and became captivated by this senior citizen’s youthful energy and love for her home. She and her daughter, who was visiting, were both adept at the almost lost art of stimulating conversation. As my wife and I went on our way we found ourselves hoping that we would meet them again on future trips.

We still had plenty of time before our early afternoon meeting and used it to get to know the town with its hand-built courthouse over one hundred years old, the Winnebago factory on the south edge of town and Waldorf University which is a private liberal arts school offering a wide variety of associate, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. Since it was Good Friday we spent part of the morning finding out where to attend evening Good Friday services. We learned they would be in the nearby city of Britt and conducted by a priest who was shared by several parishes in cities scattered across the prairie. We took the rest of the morning to leisurely to find our way to Britt which was about a half hour away at Great Plains speeds.

It was a peaceful drive through farms in land that was varied between being only slightly rolling to more frequently flat. It is a place where lonely dirt roads stretching across the country plains have city names like Thirty-Fourth Avenue. You know where the next city is because you see its distant water tower and grain silos begin to creep up over the horizon. Once we were sure we knew where the church was we returned by a different route to Forest City which took us past the extensive Winnebago properties.

In these early morning to late evening travels there is a strikingly beautiful set of images I can’t get out of my mind. These are visions that can only be seen on the vastness of the Great Plains.

Imagine standing in the middle of a railroad track looking west on a crisp morning with air so clear you are certain you could see California if the Earth was flat. The tracks extend from each side of your peripheral vision to that infinitely distant horizon. Telephone poles at their measured intervals diminish in size along the track with the farthest pole becoming just a pinpoint. Crops on both sides provide a frame to the entire scene.

A transition takes place as the day continues. Clarity gives way to shimmering hazy warmth as the insect symphony increases in volume. The tracks and the poles look like they march into a lake created by a mirage long before they reach the horizon.

But the best may be saved for the evening as the reddening sun, which seems to take forever to set, lights up the shiny railroad tracks like parallel laser beams emanating from a sky painted by the Master Artist.

Our original intention in travelling to Forest City was to buy from Lichtsinn because of their great helpfulness on phone and email as well as our desire to put the break-in miles on our motorhome ourselves. We are thrilled that we did that. However, beyond that we were rewarded by a couple of days being enchanted by that part of Iowa.

We left for our Ohio home the next day planning to return to Iowa in a few weeks to have HWH levelers recommended by Lichtsinn installed on our new adventure vehicle. That next trip took us to HWH Corporation in Moscow in eastern Iowa. HWH has camp sites on their property for RVs and we stayed for a night and part of two days as the work was being done. While there we discovered that the location where the movie “Field of Dreams” was shot was only an hour away. We drove the Honda Fit we tow behind our RV which now had over one-thousand miles on it to an Interstate truck stop with many attached eating places. We had breakfast there before heading north through the farmlands to our destination.

We were now in gently rolling country that can steal your heart as it takes your breath away with every turn in the road and crested hill. We followed our GPS as we weaved our way through hill and dale and small to medium size towns. On a short part of the drive we were on U.S. Route 20, the U.S. Grant Highway, which is the longest route in the United States. Today that entire route is paved but we encountered an historic piece of the coast-to-coast Grant Highway which is still the original dirt road.

When we reached the “Field of Dreams” ball diamond and house it was like we had entered the movie set. The feeling was the same as we had when watching the film. We walked the baseball diamond and stood on the pitcher’s mound and at home plate as in our mind’s eye we saw the baseball players walking onto the field from the rows of corn. Surprisingly there was no charge to be on the field and walk the grounds. The only fees were to enter the farmhouse or buy the reasonably priced souvenirs. We were there for about an hour talking to the staff, one of whom had a bit role in the movie, before heading back to Moscow and our motorhome with its new levelers.

On our return to Moscow e deliberately chose a different route which was just as beautiful as the drive we took weaving along the countryside to the “Field of Dreams”. It was this adventure that led us to name our new possession “Dreamweaver”.

Generally on our trips west from Ohio we have scooted across the Great Plains in a “forced march” to the mountains and desert. This was only the second time we have paused to enjoy the beauty of the Heartland. The first was the previous year when we toured part of Nebraska. We will be sure to pause more in the future in this gorgeous part of our great country. We had no idea when we chose to travel to Iowa to buy from Lichtsinn that we would have our pleasure doubled by the joy of spending a little time in Iowa.

Written By Tom Mikesell, Ohio

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Storage Hacks To Make Your RV Feel Spacious

Storage is always a challenge when dealing with a travel trailer or motorhome, but there are some very creative and useful ways to make sure you can take everything with you on that long-awaited RV vacation. Here’s a few storage hacks broken down by room:


Floor plans vary greatly from motorhome to travel trailer, but one thing they all share is lack of storage space. When we travel, we still like to take some form of entertainment with us, like a television, DVD player or stereo, and all have their own dedicated remote controls that tend to get lost in transit or fall into nooks and crannies in our RVs. To solve this problem, try putting self-adhesive Velcro tape on the backs of each remote and attach them all in one place.

Being able to seat guests in a living area is usually a difficult task, but you can add a seat while also adding storage. Purchase a footstool that’s an actual storage box with padding on the top. It makes a great way to prop up your feet after a long day of hiking, or use as a seat while storing maps, books, flashlights, etc.

If you have overhead cabinets in the living area, place fabric storage bins on their sides to hold items in the cabinets.


Food Storage

Spices enhance the flavors of our meals, but they can take up a lot of cabinet space in an RV. If you’re traveling for just a few weeks or eating out a great deal while on vacation, seasonings may be low on your priority list. But for those RVers who live in their rigs for months on end or who travel full time on the road, preparing food that will make your taste buds sing is important.

Many campers have found a variety of solutions for this problem, including magnetic spice canisters that stick to a metal plate on the kitchen wall or refrigerator.  There’s also a nifty under the cabinet spice rack that can work wonders. Even a small spice rack on the wall can alleviate some of the cabinet congestion. After all, you shouldn’t have to skimp on tasty foods, even when you’re on the road!

Increase Counter Space

Counter space is always at a premium in any trailer or motorhome. Spend a little time looking at cutting boards that will cover your sink, or have one cut to your dimensions. Another versatile space is on your cook top. I found a teak service tray that fits over the burners on my stove quite nicely when it is turned upside down. I use the area for serving after food has been prepared and it doubles my counter space.

Get that paper towel roll off your counter by installing an under-the cabinet paper towel holder.  They come in a variety of styles, are inexpensive and more importantly, give you more space on which to prepare meals.

Space Saving Towel, Tissue and Shopping Bag Storage Holders

Pop-A-Bag, Pop-A Towel and Pop-A-Tissue all offer counter saving under cabinet and under counter storage options priced from $7.99 to $16.19.

Store Knives

Need some dedicated space for your kitchen knives?  Hang a strong magnetic strip on the wall—or on the inside of a cabinet door—to hold knives and other metal kitchen accessories, saving drawer space for silverware and dishes.

Mount a metal bar on the kitchen wall under the cabinets with hooks or small baskets to hold serving utensils—just be sure they aren’t too close to stove burners.

Knife Safe Knife Storage System

KNIFE SAFE is a Knife Storage System which allows you to free up drawer space. The KNIFE SAFE mounts on a cabinet door. Knives not Included.

Free Up Drawer Space

Aluminum foil, Saran wrap, and sandwich and freezer baggies can sometimes take up a whole drawer of space in a normal sticks-and-bricks home. But why not use a small section of wall or the inside of a cabinet door to mount a metal holder for these items? I’ve found it to work very well in an out-of-the-way location.

Set of 2 Drawer Dividers

Drawer Dividers help you to maximize use of your drawer space. This set include 2 organizer that are spring loaded for easy installation.

Plate Rack Kitchen Organizer

This Plate Rack Kitchen Organizer helps keeps your kitchen cabinets organized so you can easily store plates, bowls etc.


What woman wants to go on vacation without her favorite sandals? Or how about those stilettos for a night out on the town? Can’t leave home without your Keens? Well, here’s a slick idea that can handle any shoe you throw at it.

If you have a walk-around bed or a corner bed, you’ve got prime real estate for shoe storage. Purchase an inexpensive plastic over-the-door shoe organizer and cut each row of shoe slots apart. Tack the rows end to end around the support for your bed and fill each slot with a shoe.  If you put a comforter or bedspread on your bed, the shoe storage won’t even show.

To stretch your clothing storage space, consider suspending hanging fabric-based accessory shelves in any existing closet space and rolling your clothing items before storing them on the separate shelves. Or you may want to consider purchasing fabric boxes and stacking them on their sides to organize rolled shirts and pants. Rolling will make them easier to store, and less wrinkled when you pull them out to wear.


Another use for plastic over-the-door shoe organizers is as a bathroom accessory storage unit. Cut one to the length available on the outside of a shower, using the hooks provided to suspend it. Each compartment then can hold items like Band-aids, lotions, grooming items, medicines, etc.  With these things in separate pockets, they won’t take up cabinet space, are readily available for daily use, and won’t go flying around as you drive from destination to destination.

To hold shampoos, conditioners, and liquid soap in the shower, put a suction cup container inside on the wall.  Or if your shower head is configured for it, use a metal or plastic shower caddy to hold them.

Another problem RVers deal with is how to carry jewelry without taking up much space, but keeping necklaces from tangling. I think I found the perfection solution. I mounted a mesh metal letter file upside down on the wall of the bath. My earrings hang from the mesh and several necklaces and bracelets can be strung around the handle.
Storage Problems Solved

As you can see, there are numerous ways to improve the storage space in your travel trailer or motorhome, these are just a few.

Blog Post Originally posted on Outdoorsy by Shelley Dennis, Oct 4, 2018


All items pictured are available at Lichtsinn RV. Call the Lichtsinn RV Parts Department today to order order any of these featured space saving solutions or find out about other solution options.

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Patriot II Brake System-Smooth Proportional Braking for your RV

Patriot II Brake System from Blue Ox is all electric with quick response braking time, providing smooth proportional braking for your RV. The Patriot II works for your motor home and tow car by safely bringing it to a smooth stop.There is no pump, tank, or air hoses needed and no condensation to drain, no chance for leaking and it greatly reduces the amount of power required. This Brake System monitors all brake functions or you can manually apply brakes from the comfort of the driver’s seat through a wireless remote control that communicates with the braking system.  Patriot II Brake System works on all vehicles, including hybrids. Included with the system is a super capacitor lifetime battery that ensures power is always available to the brake and in-coach controller with extended RF range. This unit is lightweight and self-contained. Not only is it convenient and easy to store, but it also proportionally applies the brakes smoothly while you’re slowing down to a stop.


  • Compatible with Hybrids!
  • All electric – no pump, tank or air hoses to leak
  • No slamming of the brakes, moves smoothly and proportionally
  • Adjust the amount of braking from the coach
  • Electric actuator instead of air cylinder
  • Weighs only 13 pounds!
  • L.E.D. display on both the brake and remote control
  • Convenient carrying handle
  • Easy self-calibration with the push of one button
  • No condensation to Drain
  • Self-Contained
  • Super Capacitor Lifetime Battery
  • In-coach controller with extended RF range

Installed Price: $1850.87

Brake System Only: $1,500.49

Patriot II Brake System - newsletter size


Contact the Lichtsinn RV Service Department today to find about more about the Patriot II Brake System and getting it installed in your RV.