Families Save Money When Owning RVs Compared to Other Vacations

A new study conducted by CBRE Hotels Advisory Group has found that RV vacations cost much less than other types of vacation travel, even when factoring in fuel prices and the cost of RV ownership. According to the study, commissioned by Go RVing and the RV Industry Association, there are cost savings of 21 to 64 percent for a four-person travel party, while a two-person travel party saves 8 percent to 53 percent, depending on factors such as the type of RV and type of vacation.

“The study reaffirms that RVs are a great way to save on family travel, and it’s equally important to remember that RV ownership provides benefits that go well beyond affordability,” says RV Industry Association president Frank Hugelmeyer. “To take an RV trip is to experience togetherness with family and friends, along with the flexibility to travel whenever and wherever you want.”

The CBRE study analyzes vacation costs using two sets of hypothetical travel groups: a four-person travel party of two adults and two children, and a two-person travel party of two adults. CBRE analyzed major costs these hypothetical travelers incur traveling to nine popular vacation destinations. For each destination, researchers analyzed vacations lasting 3, 7 and 14 days.

The study compared different methods of travel, including a folding camping trailer; a lightweight travel trailer; a compact motorhome; a type C motorhome; a type A motorhome; traveling in a personal car, staying at hotels/motels, and eating meals in a restaurant; traveling by airline, renting a car at the destination, staying at hotels/motels, and eating meals in restaurants; and traveling in a personal car or airline (as appropriate), staying at a rental house/condominium, and eating the majority of meals in the rental unit. The type A motorhome, typically the largest and most luxurious RV, was compared to travel options such as flying first class, renting a premium car, staying in upscale hotels/resorts, and eating meals in restaurants.

RV vacations show a clear family budget benefit over other forms of travel, regardless of the RV type. According to the CBRE study, a four-person travel party can expect to save (by unit type):

Folding camping trailer: 50-64%
Lightweight travel trailer: 31-50%
Compact motorhome: 31-50%
Type C motorhome: 21-43%
Type A motorhome: 41%

A two-person travel party saved, according to the CBRE analysis:

Folding camping trailer: 43-53%
Lightweight travel trailer: 20-34%
Compact motorhome: 20-34%
Type C motorhome: 8-24%
Type A motorhome – 19%

The study included analysis of how fluctuations in fuel prices could affect the economic advantages of RV travel. Researchers found that for a four-person travel party it would take a rise in fuel prices to nearly $13 per gallon for a Type C motorhome vacation to be more expensive than the least expensive non-RV vacation. None of the fuel increase scenarios for a four-person travel party resulted in other RV vacation types being more expensive than the least expensive non-RV vacation.

For a two-person travel party, fuel prices would still need to rise significantly (from $5.50 to more than $13 per gallon) from current levels for RVing to lose its economic advantage.

“While fuel costs are a component of the overall vacation cost, it isn’t significant enough to materially affect the outcome of our analysis,” says Kannan Sankaran, managing director of CBRE’s Advisory Services, and lead researcher.

Article originally seen on RVNews.com.

The 4×4 Era

In the motorized RV space, the Class B market continues to grow, in large part due to the success of the Era and this exclusive rear twin bed setup and the flexible sleeping capacity of the rear and front sleeping setups. Its combination of fuel efficiency, maneuverability, and high end features has introduced a whole new set of enthusiasts to the van style RV. With its fuel efficient and dependable Mercedes-Benz diesel engine, driving your Era more closely assimilated driving your own personal vehicle.

Era 70A with 4x4

And now, this Era is available in a limited edition of a fully contained off the grid RV with Mercedes-Benz on-demand 4×4!

Arrive at your destination safely and on time with the help of the new Mercedes Benz safety enhancement package. The Era offers a full featured galley and swivel cab seats that increase your functional living space while parked. Inside, you’ll find dimmable LED ceiling lights, MCD blackout roller shades, Corian countertops, and a rear screen wall. An awning with LED lighting will keep the outdoor fun going well into the night.   For versatility and style with Winnebago’s legendary construction standards, choose the Era.

This coach is powered by the tried and true Mercedes Benz powertrain:

1.  Mercedes Benz 3.0 litre six cylinder turbo diesel

2.  325 lb ft of torque or power

3.  188 horsepower

4.  Five speed automatic transmission with grade braking capability

5.  On demand 4 wheel drive with low range, to selectively stop individual wheels if wheel spin is detected.   The system can be safely driven on dry pavement without the risk of damaging differential locks.

6.  Electronic stability and traction control

7.  Four wheel ABS

8.  Trailering package with 5,000 lb towing and a 500 lb vertical tongue weight

Includes the following factory installed features: 

1.  Mercedes Benz safety upgrade package, featuring the light and rain sensor for automatic headlight dimming and wiper operation, blind spot monitoring with indicator warning lights in the side mirrors, collision prevention assist, lane keeping assist, high beam assist, first aid kit, emergency flashlight, leather wrapped steering wheel, and additional Mercedes insulation in the cab doors

2.  Mercedes Benz dash infotainment and rear camera front radio

3.  Roof mounted cargo and luggage racks with multi position movable rear ladder

4.  Inverter, 1,000 watt pure sine wave with dual AGM Group 31 RV batteries being replenished by the Zamp 200 watt solar system with solar panel battery charger and controller, junction box, and plug for additional portable solar panel

5.  Deluxe exterior appearance package with graphics tape delete, to provide a more stealth like automotive appearance

6.  Stainless steel exterior valance

The latest version of the Era now includes the following enhancements made:

All new interior refinements:

1.  High gloss cabinetry, which is lightweight to preserve cargo carrying capacity, yet is moisture and humidity resistant

2.  Under cabinet accent lighting

3.  Continuous dimmable race track ceiling lighting, which eliminates shadows

4.  New Firefly multiplex wiring allows single touch controls to lighting, monitoring systems, powered awning controls, energy management and so much more!

5.  Advanced all new climate control system:

a.  The Era now features the new, 97% efficient, Truma Combi heating and hot water system.

b.  Provides quick hot water recovery with LP and electrical heating.

c. LED digital control panel allows time adjustable settings for water and air temperature- maximizing comfort and reducing fuel usage.

d. Quick multi stage heating system with four high performance ducts keeps the coach at a consistent temperature using LP, electricity or both for maximum performance.

e. Insulated and tuned heating and air delivery system is extremely quiet, insuring a restful nights sleep.

f. Electric heating element allows users to take the chill off on a brisk morning using the camp ground’s electricity.

g. High efficiency 13,500 BTU air conditioning features two stage operation that cools quickly and maintains the cool with lower fan noise.

h. MAXXAIR premium vent system includes remote and automatic temperature control enhances off the grid camping. The rain hood allows the customer to use the vent and fan in bad weather or even when the coach is not occupied

6.  Zamp 200 watt solar system with solar panel battery charger and controller, junction box, and plug for additional portable solar panel

7.  Standard rear screen wall, with heat reflective properties and allowing for fresh air and an excellent rear view

8.  Refined rear end interior finishing with concealed storage, finished in weather resistant synthetic leather

9.  New fiberglass bath surround with a single control shower and faster adjustments to temp to conserve water.

10.  Separate shower and sink faucets

11.  New dual burner range combo

12.  New single control faucet

13.  Decorative heat shield over the stove

Includes the following exterior highlights, in addition to the specifications on our website page and brochure:

1.  24.5 gallon fuel capacity

2.  16 gallon LP capacity

3.  TrumaCombi continuous unlimited water heater capacity and eco heating

4.  30 amp electrical service

5.  13,500 BTU high efficiency air conditioner

6.  13 foot powered patio awning, Colorado Carefree armless with motion sensor and LED lighting

7.  Dual group 31 absorbed glass mat maintenance free AGM batteries

Missing an Option You’re Looking For? We can add any additional options at our dealership, including MobilEye collision avoidance, satellite, solar, Nitrogen for your tires, and more!

At Lichtsinn RV our website has a full video walk-around on each RV, making it easy for you to purchase. On our website you can go for a virtual test drive, purchase your RV over the phone or the internet, and then take delivery at our dealership, which is only 1 Mile from Winnebago, Itasca, and Winnebago Touring Coach here in Forest City, Iowa!

Lichtsinn RV Featured on Going RV

Lichtsinn RV will be featured on an upcoming episode of Going RV airing August 15 at 9:00 PM ET/8:00 PM CT on Great American Country.

Going RV is a show about hard-working couples and families who decide to ditch ordinary daily life for an adventure out on the open road. Take the ultimate ride as they go on a shopping trip to find their perfect RV. Whether it’s upgrading an existing motor home or going all out for a new one with all the bells and whistles, find out what happens when daring homeowners trade walls for wheels. Several dealerships across the country have been featured on Going RV since it one of the few shows on television that focus on the RV lifestyle. In fact, RVBusiness Magazine wrote a feature story on Going RV and Lichtsinn RV appeared in the article. You can read the article here.

Lichtsinn RV will be featured on the 2018 season finale – Early Retirement in an RV. In this episode, Lichtsinn RV guests Ann and Lin have decided to retire early and hit the road to travel full-time in an RV. They’re looking for a Class A Diesel with plenty of room for their three dogs. Ann would like extra storage for their workout equipment, and Lin wants a washer and dryer. Lichtsinn RV Sales Consultant Reed Burkholder helps them find the perfect RV for their needs. Reed tours Ann and Lin through two Forzas and the all-new Winnebago Horizon.

Going RV: Behind-the-Scenes 

The Going RV crew arrived at Lichtsinn RV to unseasonably cool weather. Shooting began early the next day with Lichtsinn RV Sales Consultant Reed Burkholder.

Lichtsinn RV Sales Consultant Reed Burkholder Shows Ann and Lin a Winnebago Forza in an Upcoming Episode of Going RV
Lichtsinn RV Sales Consultant Reed Burkholder Shows Ann and Lin a Winnebago Forza in an Upcoming Episode of Going RV


Ann and Lin Check Out the Winnebago Horizon. Will the Horizon be the Perfect Home for Them?
Ann and Lin Check Out the Winnebago Horizon. Will the Horizon be the Perfect Home for Them?


Ann and Lin Look at Another Forza with a Different Floorplan.
Ann and Lin Look at Another Forza with a Different Floorplan.
The Going RV Crew Takes a Break from Filming to Check Out the Winnebago Revel 4x4.
The Going RV Crew Takes a Break from Filming to Check Out the Winnebago Revel 4×4.
Lichtsinn RV Sales Consultant Reed Burkholder Answers Ann and Lin's Questions Before They Make Their RV Selection.
Lichtsinn RV Sales Consultant Reed Burkholder Answers Ann and Lin’s Questions Before They Make Their RV Selection.


Tune in to Great American Country on August 15 at 9:00 PM ET/8:00 PM CT to see which Winnebago they select.

August Featured Parts Special – Star Light Smart Light 1000 RV Motion Sensor Light

This 12-volt RV motion light illuminates those areas around your RV for safety and security. Helps to prevent accidental slips, falls, and theft by giving you light where you want it, when you need it.

Star Light Smart Light 1000 RV Motion Sensor Light


  • Motion Detection Function – Dual PIR Sensor
  • Star Monitor alerts you when your battery is low
  • Daylight Sensor – turns light off during daylight hours
  • Can also function as a regular porch light
  • Installs easily, uses same hole pattern and wiring as most standard lights
  • Reverse polarity protected, will not be damaged by cross-wiring
  • Microchip distinguishes between people and small animals or blowing debris

For more information on the Star Light Smart Light 1000 RV Motion Sensor Light contact Lichtsinn RV Parts Department at 1-800-343-6255 or at https://www.lichtsinn.com/rv-parts

Affording an RV: RV Specific Insurance

Beginning the RV lifestyle may seem like a daunting task, but our blog series Affording an RV will clear up misconceptions and reveal that RVing is an affordable, enjoyable way of traveling with family and friends.

RV Specific InsuranceWhy choose specialized RV insurance? Because you want to protect your investment as well as those you love. Your RV, whether it’s new or has some great road-trip miles on it, is a vehicle requiring special consideration.
 What’s Special About Specialized RV Insurance?
An RV is a home on wheels. Specialized RV insurance is a unique blend of auto and homeowner’s insurance coverage, yet the price is typically comparable or less expensive than standard auto insurance. The extent of coverage is the major difference between a standard auto policy and an RV-specific policy.As you and your insurance agent put together your customized RV package, keep the following coverages in mind for combination into a comprehensive policy.Total Loss Replacement (TLR)
With TLR coverage, also called Replacement Cost Coverage, if your RV is totaled, the insurance company either replaces your RV with a new one or pays you your initial purchase price, depending upon the age of your unit at the time of loss. Generally, this policy is in effect for the first five model years. After that, because of age, many companies convert TLR policies into Purchase Price Guarantee or Actual Cash Value policies.

Purchase Price Guarantee (PPG)
In case of a total loss of the RV, this policy will reimburse owners for the amount paid for the unit as written in the policy toward the purchase of another unit. Some insurers extend this policy for the life of the vehicle, while others offer it for the vehicle’s first 10 years and then convert to an Actual Cash Value policy in the 11th model year.

Actual Cash Value (ACV)
These policies will pay the prevailing depreciated, fair-market value of your RV in case of a total loss. ACV is the most common type of policy offered to RV owners.

Vacation Liability
This type of coverage extends to you while your RV is parked. If someone is injured at your campsite, your liability exposure is covered up to the specified policy limits.

Full-Timer Coverage (FTC)
FTC works like a homeowner’s policy for RVers who live in their vehicles full-time and who can be left with potential liabilities exposure, including personal liability and additional living expenses. FTC policies protect full-timers’ unique needs.

Diminishing Deductible Coverage
Designed to reward good drivers by reducing comprehensive and collision deductibles by 25% of your original deductible for each claim-free year until the policy reaches a zero deductible. If a loss occurs after four claim-free years, you pay no deductible on your claim.

Personal Contents Coverage
Covers personal property, such as housewares, tools, clothes and sporting goods. A homeowner’s policy may provide coverage, but there are often limitations to coverage for off-premises property, items in storage or belongings damaged in a collision. RV specialty policies replace stolen or damaged items at full replacement cost.

Other Benefits of RV Specialty Coverage

Add-Ons and Tow Dollies Included
Most RV specialty policies automatically cover items like awnings, antennas, external racks and satellite dishes for no additional charge. Additionally, tow dollies and trailers are often included in coverage.Agreed Value Coverage
Offered for classic coaches and bus conversion vehicles that don’t have a standard market value. With a bill of sale or qualified appraisal, you can lock in the coach’s value up front. This protects your investment in the RV without the worry of depreciation in the event of total loss.Free 24-Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance
With most policies, insurance companies will cover the towing of your RV to the nearest qualified repair facility, regardless of cost. These policies are often extended to the tow or towed vehicle, as well, if it’s being used in conjunction with the RV.

Emergency Travel Expense
If your RV is incapacitated because of a covered loss, most RV policies cover the cost of a rental car and/or hotel room while your RV is being repaired. If your RV is not repairable, the policy can cover airfare to return you and your family home.

Experienced RV Claims Handling
While you may never experience a serious loss with your RV, specialized RV insurance companies give you peace of mind knowing that your claim will be handled by professionals with RV experience, not simply standard auto adjusters.

Additional Discounts
Be sure to ask about all discounts offered by an RV specialty insurance carrier. Membership in an RV club, supplemental braking systems or completion of a safe driving course are just some of the discounts available on a state-by-state basis.

How Do I Find a Specialized RV Insurance Provider?
Lichtsinn RV Insurance is offered through the business office at Lichtsinn RV. Call: 1-800-343-6255 to speak with Brandon or Kevin in the Business Office today to find out how we can give you peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are getting the best RV Insurance at the lowest price!

The Final Word
If you currently own an RV, review your policy to be sure you have the protection described above at a reasonable price, and then perhaps field another quote for comparison. If you are thinking of buying an RV, be sure to discuss the availability of these coverages with an RV-experienced agent or insurance company. Protect yourself by properly insuring both your investment and the RVing lifestyle you enjoy with specialized RV insurance.

Affording an RV – Buying and Renting

Affording Your RV Begining the RV lifestyle may seem like a daunting task, but our blog series Affording an RV will clear up misconceptions and reveal that RVing is an affordable, enjoyable way of traveling with family and friends.

Buying an RV

From family bonding to affordable getaways to spontaneous road trips – the reasons to buy an RV are endless. Here are some of the top reasons why there’s never been a better time to buy:

  • Many RV models allow a family of four to save up to 59% on vacation costs over other forms of travel. That’s a calculation that takes into account RV ownership costs, including payments, insurance, maintenance, tires, tax breaks, registration and depreciation.
  • In today’s economy, there are great deals available on new RV models. Consider pre-owned units for more savings.
  • Financing is readily available for qualified borrowers.
  • You may qualify for a tax deduction because the interest on your RV loan is generally deductible as second-home mortgage interest. Check with your financial advisor to see if you qualify for the deduction.

Pre-Owned RVs

Buying a pre-owned RV is a great way to make your vacation dream a reality for less. Whether you’re looking for a towable or motorized RV, check with Lichtsinn RV because we often receive RVs as trade-ins on new vehicles.

Just like buying a pre-owned car or truck, RV dealers provide a thorough predelivery inspection of the used RV. You can visit Lichtsinn RV to compare units and features and to find out about extended service agreements.

Renting an RV

There’s no better way to try before you buy than by renting an RV. Many people rent RVs simply for a change of pace by taking an RV trip to a special event or destination.

You can rent near home and journey to your final destination, or fly and pick up your RV at the other end. More than 460 national chain outlets and local RV dealerships rent RVs, including state-of-the-art, late-model-year units. A growing number of campgrounds offer on-site RV rentals as well.

Even if you’re driving or towing an RV for the first time, features like automatic transmissions, power steering, large external mirrors and rearview cameras make it easy for experienced drivers to adjust to the difference in size, height and weight.

Article originally seen on GoRVing.com.

Lichtsinn RV Celebrates Winnebago Grand National Rally!

Lichtsinn RV had a jam-packed week July 20 – 27, 2018 for WIT Club’s Annual Grand National Rally in Forest City, IA. We chose a few of the highlights from the week to share.

Battle of the Businesses – Lichtsinn RV competed in Forest City’s Puckerbrush Days’ Battle of the Businesses. This annual competition features local businesses competing against each other in wacky challenges for bragging rights. Lichtsinn RV’s Chris Stone (finishing department), Henry Stone (sales), Devin Richter (finishing department), Abby Durreger (sales), and Nicole Follman (sales) competed against teams from Winnebago Industries, TSB Bank, Mercy Family Clinic Forest City, Good Samaritan, and MBT Bank. The battle featured challenges like leap frog, a three-legged race, and corn shucking competition. Lichtsinn RV was in the lead the entire duration of the battle until the final challenge. Lichtsinn RV and MBT Bank competed in the final challenge and MBT barely pulled ahead to win the Battle of the Businesses.

The Lichtsinn RV Battle of the Business Team – Chris Stone, Jeremy Gilbertson, Henry Stone, Devin Richter, Abby Duregger and Nicole Follman.
Devin Richter leap frogs over teammate Jeremy Gilbertson in the Battle of the Businesses Competition.

Puckerbrush Days Parade – On Saturday, the Lichtsinn RV team participated in the Puckerbrush Days Parade. We had quite the turn out with 5 motorhomes.

Lichtsinn RV is ready to celebrate Puckerbrush Days!


Lichtsinn RV employees showing off their bright yellow shirts for the Puckerbrush Days parade.

Red, White and Welcome to the Winnie Bs – Lichtsinn RV welcomed the Winnie B’s – a WIT Club special interest group focusing on Winnebago’s Class B (Travato, Paseo, Era and Revel products) owners. On the first day of WIT Club’s Grand National Rally we kicked off the week with a reception for the over 85 Winnie B’s. We were excited to see familiar faces in the group and meet new Travato owners!

The Winnie Bs lineup for a tasty lunch from Lichtsinn RV.
Ron Lichtsinn welcomes the Winnie B’s to Forest City and Grand National Rally.

Red, White and Welcome BBQ at Lichtsinn RV – On Tuesday of GNR week, Lichtsinn RV invited GNR attendees back to the dealership for a BBQ with fundraising games for the American Cancer Society. Members of the Lichtsinn RV team served pulled pork sandwiches and cake to our guests while others members helped with fundraising games like spin the wheel, bean bag toss, and plinko. We had over 550 attendees and raised $800 for the American Cancer Society.

Our custom-made cake from Tiffany’s Sweets for the BBQ.
Over 500 people were in attendance at the Lichtsinn RV BBQ.

Gas Grill Winner – Throughout the week, we collected over 800 entries to win a gas grill or $150 Lichtsinn RV Parts Gift Card. On Thursday we drew the winner, Randall Smischny from Kansas. Randy was very excited to win since he said he never wins anything.

IMG_0385 (2) (1)
Hope Lichtsinn awards the Lichtsinn RV Parts gift certificate to Randall Smischny.

We had an awesome Grand National Rally. Thanks to all of you who visited us in the display and in the dealership. We look forward to seeing you again next year!



Lichtsinn RV Welcomes the Winnie B’s to Forest City!

Lichtsinn RV welcomed the Winnie B’s – a WIT Club special interest group focusing on Winnebago’s Class B (Travato, Paseo, Era and Revel products) owners. On the first day of WIT Club’s Grand National Rally we kicked off the week with a reception for the over 85 Winnie B’s. We were excited to see familiar faces in the group and meet new Travato owners!

Ron Lichtsinn Welcomes the Winnie B’s to 2018 Grand National Rally in Forest City, IA
The Winnie B’s Lineup for Lunch Served by Lichtsinn RV Employees.
Winnie B’s Gather for Fun, Friendship and Food with Lichtsinn RV.
Lichtsinn RV Sales Consultant Nicole Lovik-Blaser Serves The Winnie B’s Signature Drink the Red BUZZer!

Your Guide to Iowa RV Camping

As originally seen on TravelIowa.com

There is really nothing quite like loading your family into an RV and heading out on an adventure. With your ‘hotel’ on wheels, a full refrigerator, and the open road, an RV makes the journey as much a part of your vacation as the destination.

Where To Rent An RV In Iowa

When renting an RV in Iowa look local; you won’t find Cruise America, USA RV, or El Monte RV Rental in Iowa. Lichtsinn RV in Forest City, Iowa offers both motorized and towable RV rentals learn more here.

How To Choose The Best RV Rental For Your TripWinnebago Intent

When planning for your big RV adventure, it’s important to be honest with yourself about how much room you need in the RV as well as how large an RV you are comfortable driving.

Types of RVs

Motorhomes fall into three main categories: Class A, Class B, and Class C.

Class A motorhomes are a single unit, built on a custom chassis. Resembling a bus, they range in size from 21-40 feet.

Class B motorhomes are built on a panel-truck shell. Small, just 16 to 22 feet, and very mobile, these are a terrific option for couples or families who will also supplement their adventure with a tent.

Class C motorhomes are built on a van frame with a wider body set behind the front cab. Most recognizable by the over-cab sleeping area in the front, these RVs can be 21-35 feet in length.

RV Interior

Read the Listings

Almost as important as the size of the RV are the features, amenities, and cost per day. It is important to read the RV listing very carefully. A few things to note:

Daily fee


Included mileage per day

Excess mileage fees

Generator usage and fees

Power supply voltage (30 or 50 amp)

Expectations on return- cleaning, waste tanks, and exterior wash

Insurance requirements

Minimum rental age

Also take note of pet and towing policies, what amenities come with the RV such as bedding, cooking utensils and cookware, and cleaning supplies.

How Much RV Space Do You Need?

Though it is tempting to pack as many people as you can into your RV rental, you need to be aware of both the safety and comfort of everyone during your vacation. Two questions you should ask before renting an RV are 1) how many people can sleep in the RV and 2) how many seat belts are in the RV? The numbers don’t always match. A 32 foot Class C may sleep 8 people comfortably (10 if some are children), but have only 7 seatbelts.

When You Pick Up the RV for Your Vacation

Expect to spend 30-60 minutes learning the features of the RV. From dumping the waste and rolling out the awning, to extending the slides and turning on the power, there is quite a bit you need to know before you hit the road. Don’t be intimidated! Take notes, ask questions, and even request a test drive of the RV before you leave.

Choosing Your RV Campsite

The RV is your vacation journey, but the campground is your destination. Where you stay, and the amenities you find there, are an important consideration when planning an RV trip.

As you research RV camping options keep a few key points in mind:

RV Length: Some campgrounds can’t accommodate large RVs, be sure to inquire before booking.

Available Hook-ups: Electricity, water, sewer; not all campgrounds offer all three at each campsite.

Campground Amenities: Do you want your campground to offer a pool and activities, or are you looking to ‘get away from it all’ on a more ‘rustic’ site.

Tips for Staying at Kampgrounds of America

KOA, West Des Moines, Iowa

Kampgrounds of America (KOA) are a franchise of privately owned campgrounds which adhere to the same quality standards. So, while each KOA is different, you can be assured that all will have similar amenities and campsite types. KOA offers three distinct types of campgrounds: Journey, the roadside oasis as you travel to your destination; Holiday, an upgraded camping experience with deluxe patios and activities; and Resort, a vacation destination unto itself with large pools, staff-led activities, and even restaurants for those nights you don’t want to cook.

Planning a stay at KOA? Review the campsite descriptions and campground map carefully before booking to insure a site compatible with your RV. Want a specific area of the campground? Make your request in the booking notes.

Tips for Staying at National, State or County ParksWinnebago Revel 44E

National, state and county parks have fewer amenities, but their natural location and outdoor activities are usually the big draw. When planning a trip that includes these parks, it’s important to plan – especially if you plan to visit during peak camping season (the end of May thru early September) or during a holiday.

While some locations do offer campsite pre-booking, many also have first-come, first-serve campsites available. Another important note is that national, state, or county parks usually offer electricity at RV sites, but your water and sewer are located elsewhere at the campground. Often you will fill your fresh water tank on arrival at the campground (and use water sparingly during your stay) and dump your waste tanks as you leave.

Most national park campsites are available to book via Recreation.gov. Many state parks can be booked using Reserve America. County parks in Iowa can be reserved on mycountyparks.com or by phone.

Will an RV change the way you road trip this year?

2018 Grand National Rally: Red, White and W – 60 Years of an American Icon

The Grand National Rally is an annual gathering and celebration of Winnebago RVs. Registration is open to all Winnebago brand RV owners in 2018! Attendees must arrive in a Winnebago brand product to register for and attend the event. Lichtsinn RV at Grand National Rally

The 2018 GNR – “Red, White, & W – 60 Years of an American Icon” – will take place Monday, July 23 – Saturday, July 28 in Forest City, IA. Pre-rally activities and pre-rally parking will be available beginning July 17.

Lichtsinn RV is back at Grand National Rally in the product display. Look for the Lichtsinn RV Red and White Tent in the Dealer Product Display. The Lichtsinn RV Parts and Service Teams will be just 1 Mile away at the Dealership! See below for our full week of festivities.

Friday, July 20
6:30 PM – Join Lichtsinn RV at the Battle of the Businesses on Main Street in Forest City where we will be attempting to regain our title competing in various events for bragging rights with other local businesses.
Saturday, July 21
10:00 AM – Join us at the Puckerbrush Parade in Downtown Forest City – we will be in the parade and handing out some great discounts to our WIT friends. Then join us back at the store to redeem your parade coupons and take advantage of some GNR Parts Specials. *WIT Club Members Receive a 10% Discount on all Winnebago, Itasca and Winnebago Touring Coach Parts.
Monday, July 23
7:30 AM – 5:30 PM – Lichtsinn RV Dealership Hours (Sales, Parts, and Service)

6:30 PM – 8:30 PM – GNR Dealer Product Display Hours, Register to win a FREE Gas Grill.
7:00 PM – 8:30 PM – GNR Winnebago Kickoff Party in Dealer Product Display
Tuesday, July 24
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM – GNR Dealer Product Display Hours, Register to win a FREE Gas Grill.

7:30 AM – 7:30 PM – Lichtsinn RV Dealership Hours (Sales, Parts, and Service)

5:30 PM – 7:30 PM – RED, WHITE & WELCOME BBQ at Lichtsinn RV – Just 1 Mile from Rally Grounds: RVs Are Open, Air Is On, Iowa Pulled Pork Sandwiches and Celebration Cake Will Be Served, Fundraising Games for The American Cancer Society.
Wednesday, July 25
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM – GNR Dealer Product Display Hours, Register to win a FREE Gas Grill.

7:30 AM – 5:30 PM – Lichtsinn RV Dealership Hours (Sales, Parts, and Service)
Thursday, July 26
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM – GNR Dealer Product Display Hours, Register to win a FREE Gas Grill (Register until 3:00).

7:30 AM – 5:30 PM – Lichtsinn RV Dealership Hours (Sales, Parts, and Service)

4:00 PM – Gas Grill delivered to drawing winner.
Friday, July 27

9:00 AM – 3:00 PM – GNR Dealer Product Display Hours.

7:30 AM – 5:30 PM – Lichtsinn RV Dealership Hours (Sales, Parts, and Service)

7:45 PM – 8:00 PM – Winnebago Farewell Sendoff.


For more information on GNR click here.